June 1993 Newsletter (5753:8)

Epistolic Ministry for Hard Questions
June 1, 1993
Author: Andrew Barron

We all love to receive letters, but not many of us love to send them. Yet a significant part of our Jews for Jesus missionary work is a 20th-century epistolic” ministry of letter-writing. We pattern ourselves after the Apostle Paul, who, through letters defended the faith, exhorted believers, passed along information, asked for favors, made…

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In Berkeley—A Plurality of Ideas, Only One God!
Author: David M.

The University of California at Berkeley is often considered the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement that began in the 1960s. Students on campuses across the country soon followed suit working for various causes. Some spoke out for peace, others championed animal rights, and still others wanted to change the political system. Some students were…

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More Interesting Coverage in the Jewish Press
Author: Stephen Katz

Just before Passover the Jewish Bulletin mentioned us again in a front-page feature article. The subject was haggadot (service books for the Jewish Passover seder). The owners of all the local Jewish bookstores and other Jewish-owned bookstores were interviewed on the subject. Just a block away from The Store” is a prominent bookstore called Cody’s….

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Cause to Celebrate in New York I
Author: Henry Morse

Recently in New York we have seen many Jewish people come to the Lord. As usual, with success came adversity. We had a conflict with the Jewish community over our Russian fellowship meeting. A group of angry protestors tried to crash the gate so they could turn our meeting into chaos. We were celebrating Purim,…

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Cause to Celebrate in New York II
Topics: yom hashoah
Author: Dmitry E

Scheduled to go on visits with my co-worker, Valerie Hanick, I feared it might be rather boring. I thought I would only be translating, or maybe I would just observe. However Val’s contact spoke English, and another Russian Jew named Sergey was there. Sergey turned out to be very open. In fact, he was seeking…

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Understanding Jewish Thought: The Holocaust and Death of God Theology
Author: N. R.

The nightmare years of the Holocaust changed the Jewish world forever. April 18 marked this year’s Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Day, memorialized by Jewish people all over the world. For many the meaning of their Jewish existence rests within this single event. They see all of history wrapped around, and filtered through, the grid of Sobibor,…

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Splinters and Ocular Lumber
Author: Moishe Rosen

The pastor called about two weeks after I had spoken at his church. As I listened to his words, I felt my defense mechanisms shifting into high gear. In my sermon I had used what I thought was a clever illustration. But the pastor pointed out that my illustration had conveyed a certain bias. I…

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The Womb of Compassion
Author: Bonnie Wilks

Upon reflection of my life, I am thankful for those who have been compassionate to me. A good dose of compassion was necessary to temper many of my well-verbalized opinions, immaturities and failings. Compassionate people surrounded me, forgave me and accepted me as I matured. In difficult times, the open hearts of compassionate people bandaged…

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