June 1991 Newsletter (5751:8)

Rejoicing in the Lord
May 1, 1991
Author: Moishe Rosen

Sometimes I think that Jewish believers in Christ enjoy things more than other Christians who are not Jewish. I must admit that this is a biased, stereotyped opinion on my part. I think it stems from my personal culture and experiences of being Jewish and having to...

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Children’s Outreach

One of the lesser known aspects of our Jews for Jesus ministry is our children’s outreach. We do not teach anyone who is under 16 without parental consent, but we do have a strong commitment to minister to children where the parents allow it. Very often we can...

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Author: Alan Bond

A wise man once said, Opposition brings opportunity.” If that is true, we’re getting a lot of “opportunities” here in Dallas/Fort Worth. It may be an exaggeration to say that every time we go out to hand out gospel literature we get shut down,...

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All Over the Country, The Liberated Wailing Wall Witnesses
Author: Ron Friedman

Liberated Wailing Wall | AlbumsĀ | Downloadable Music The Liberated Wailing Wall is more than a music group that presents Jewish gospel music. They are a mobile evangelistic team with the emphasis on mobile,” and their primary purpose is to proclaim Yeshua as...

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