While most vacationers are basking in the sun, picnicking in the parks, camping in the woods and fishing and boating on lakes and rivers, others have chosen to spend their summer in a different manner. July, the season for peaches, strawberries, cherries and watermelons, is also the time when Jews for Jesus has its annual Summer Witnessing Campaigns in major cities of the United States and Canada.

During last year’s Campaign in New York City Jews for Jesus distributed more than a million gospel tracts, prayed with hundreds to receive Christ and recorded their names and addresses for follow-up. On the busy streets we found many hurting and searching people who were looking for answers to some of life’s most serious questions and did not know where to turn.

One morning, as one of the campaigners handed out literature near a subway entrance, a woman came out of the station in tears. She opened her heart to the campaigner, perhaps because she felt she could unburden herself without consequence to a stranger. She told of a very serious problem she was having with one of her daughters. That morning the campaigner prayed with the woman, and she made a commitment to Jesus.

Then there was the Jewish man who had been thinking about Jesus for several years. He needed to be encouraged that he was not committing spiritual treason by thinking that Jesus was the promised Messiah. Before he could take that step of faith, he needed to meet other Jewish people who believed, and we were there to help him.

Many people we meet don’t care, but some really want to know God’s truth. They really want to pray and receive Jesus into their lives. All they really need is a divine appointment and the tender loving care it takes for us to tell them the good news of salvation in Christ.

For Jews for Jesus, Summer Campaign is an opportunity to raise a banner of story and to allow God to use us as individuals in the lives of others. As a veteran of many campaigns and leader of one of them, I rejoice and praise God to see how he works year after year. Every summer he pulls together a ragtag group of volunteers from all around the world, joins them with our regular Jews for Jesus staff into a cohesive witnessing unit and uses all of us for his glory.


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