June 1988 Newsletter (5748:9)

Seeds of Strife
June 1, 1988
Author: Moishe Rosen

I have a deep burden and love for Israel, but many of my friends feel that Israel is the aggressor against the Arabs. How can I show my friends that Israel is doing the right thing?” As one involved in Jewish evangelism and concerned for Israel’s welfare...

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: I have a question about the Jewish Messiah. I understand that the Old Testament made numerous prophecies regarding the Messiah—such as the fact that he would be a great prophet like Moses; wonderful counselor, sacrificial lamb, etc., etc. However, nowhere...

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Telephone Ministry
Author: David Brickner

Our Jews for Jesus ministry is always looking for new ways to reach people with the message of the Messiah. While our most widely known method is through literature distribution, we also reach Jewish people through the telephone. We call believers to encourage them,...

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Other Ministries in Other Places

About 250,000 Jewish people reside in Haifa, Israel. Last February an ad hoc evangelistic committee in that city arranged to have 120 posters put up around town. (See the picture.) The top half of the posters quoted Rabbi Gamaliel’s advice to the Jewish council...

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Jesus and the Role of Women
Author: Zhava Glaser

Jesus cared for those who were wrongfully marginalized, including women. Find out how the role of women changed from Old Testament to New Testament times, and how Jesus responded.

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