June 1986 Newsletter (5746:8)

Stooping to Glory
June 1, 1986
Author: Moishe Rosen

During my before-Christ” years, I was trained by my family and schooling to be a businessman. I shared my family’s expectations. I felt it was my destiny to build a business, make a profit, manage others and be successful in the world of commerce. Then my life changed and my plans changed. I was drafted […]

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Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
Author: Larry Brandt

Stuart is a new Jewish believer in Jesus. He lives not too far from New York City. Like most new believers, he’s eager to share his faith, especially when an opportunity comes along to witness to one of his own Jewish people. When Stuart had a chance to talk to an Orthodox rabbi, he naturally […]

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You Can Help
Author: Kala Weinberg

Jewish people are scattered all over the world and in every state in this country, but Jews for Jesus has branches in only six major North American cities. Though our mobile evangelistic teams travel all over the country, we cannot reach all of the Jewish people in the United States with a small staff like […]

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Shopping Bag Evangelism

Jews for Jesus had a booth at Congress ’86, a conference of the New England Association of Evangelicals that was held in downtown Boston. As part of the activities, we gave shopping bags to people at the Congress. Printed on the sides in big, red letters were the words, JEWS FOR JESUS.” The site of […]

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Seed in Time

Once there was a man who wanted to plant a garden. He didn’t want a tiny garden, the sort that some people plant to pass their idle hours. He wanted a full-fledged vegetable garden of potatoes, beans, squash, carrots and onions—in short, a garden of any vegetable that would grow. The man purchased a field—a […]

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A Matter of Life and Death

Several months ago I spoke about our ministry to a certain group of pastors and lay leaders in the Boston area. One of the lay people who kindly came to hear about our work chose to take offense at a statement I made about my father. The day on which I was speaking would have […]

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: Would you please direct some commentary or insight regarding leaven, specifically as mentioned in Matthew 13:33 and Matthew 16:11. Is it possible that our Lord Jesus is saying in Matthew 13:33 that in final times the true gospel will be all leavened” in the sense of being pervaded by false doctrine as interpreted by […]

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No Handwriting on the Wall
Author: Holly R.

I felt awkward explaining to Linda why I was calling her. Linda’s sister, a Jewish believer, had wanted me to invite her to a special holiday service we were having at our Los Angeles branch. My feelings of awkwardness dissipated quickly as I heard Linda’s response. That sounds like a wonderful idea,” she said. “I’m […]

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Unsung Heroes

In reading through the Bible, we see how God used the lives of certain people as examples of faith. Most believers have at least one favorite Bible hero, but they usually think, That could never be me. I am not a king or a prophet or a great warrior. I could not be used of […]

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