June 1985 Newsletter (5745:8)

Why Campaign?
June 1, 1985
Author: Moishe Rosen

You can’t eat soup with a fork, and you can’t walk by using your ears instead of your legs. And don’t enter a kangaroo in a horse race or try to hitch a gorilla to a plow—not unless you are seeking a comic result. Absurdity is the very essence of comedy. It’s the portrayal of…

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Pray for the Summer Witnessing Campaign

Our Summer Witnessing Campaign 1985 begins soon in several major U.S. cities. Last summer we distributed great quantities of tracts and received thousands of names and addresses for follow-up. It took much effort and prayer, but something most encouraging happened that had never happened before. As we handed out our literature on the streets, we…

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: How can we who follow Jesus, particularly Jewish believers with unbelieving families, resolve the forsaking” of family—as Jesus calls us to do if necessary—with God’s command to honor our parents? Is this a contradiction? ANSWER: Of course God does not contradict himself. The concept of honoring one’s parents does not mean absolute, slavish obedience….

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Almost a Modern Day Jonah

Since summer witnessing campaigns have become a tradition with Jews for Jesus, they have become fairly routine. There are certain things that we expect to happen every time: the first week those who are less hardy come down with a cold or a sore throat; the second week there are many cases of sore feet…

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It Took Four and a Half Years
Author: Loren Jacobs

I first met Valerie on the hot summer streets of New York during our 1980 Summer Witnessing Campaign. She had noticed me in my Jews for Jesus T-shirt as I stood on my corner at 42nd Street, handing out broadsides. We got into a conversation about prophecy and Jews, and she became interested enough to…

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A Parabolic Proclamation

It’s a comedy routine! No, it’s a parable! No, it’s…a STREET TESTIMONY! What’s a street story? Let me explain. One of the hallmarks of Jews for Jesus is that we communicate the gospel to Jewish people in a variety of ways: through drama, music, creative literature and mass media, to mention just a few. One…

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How to Witness on the Streets of New York City

Before we send our evangelists to the streets of New York, we give them extensive training on witnessing, conversation and confrontation techniques. But there are some things about witnessing in New York City that you learn only through experience: 1. Smile a lot. That always makes everyone in New York wonder what you’re up to…

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What’s A Co-Laborer?

What’s a Co-Laborer?” I’ve heard that question many times, often with extra emphasis on the word “what,” as though a Co-Laborer were an “it.” They are just ordinary people—well, maybe not ordinary, but definitely people. How do I know? I’m one. The technical description of a Co-Laborer is Volunteer Missionary Coordinator for a given geographic…

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Five Road Signs on the Christian Road

One of the most appealing Bible promises is abundant life for the followers of Jesus (John 10:10). Yet many Christians would readily admit that their lives are too rarely experiences of abundance. On the Christian road many find themselves experiencing one blowout” after another. The journey of faith seems to be proceeding smoothly, and then…

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