1. Order a t-shirt that says JESUS MADE ME KOSHER or another t-shirt with a Gospel message on it to wear while you travel.
  2. Order 100 broadsides or other Gospel tracts that you like a lot and leave them in restaurants where you stop to snack.
  3. Write to Christian organizations that you support in the cities where you are going, and stop in at their offices for a tour.
  4. If you go to most major U.S. cities, you’ll see Jews for Jesus out witnessing. Stop and say a friendly word.
  5. When you hear someone complain about the energy crisis and the high price of gasoline, say something like: "A tank of gas will only take you to another gas station, but Jesus will take you to heaven." Or, if you don’t like that, try: "The cost of energy may be high, but you should see what the wages of sin are." Or maybe you’d be better off to try one of your own.
  6. Be sure to attend church on Sunday morning, even if you are not in your own home town. Ask your pastor if he can suggest churches along your route. You’ll grow from meeting other people in the body of Christ.