Scott T. is a young Jewish man with a winsome smile that says, "I want to be your friend," but eyes that look sad and say, "I need you to be my friend." His first words to me were, "So what made you change from being Jewish?"

"Nothing could ever make me change from being Jewish," I responded. "In fact, God likes me to be Jewish since He made me a Jew."

"Then why do you believe in Jesus?" Scott was still smiling, but now there was hesitancy in his voice.

"How about if we sit down," I said, "and talk."

We developed a rapport quickly. He told me he was Jewish. He also told me about his wife, who had left him. The deep hurt and humiliation seemed to be too much for him to bear. Then Scott reflected on the Christians he knew.

"Somehow," he tried to explain, "my friends who are real Christians seem to be on top of their circumstances. It’s not that they don’t have problems − they really do − but the problems don’t drive them crazy. In a way, I want to have ‘it,’ that special quality of life I see in them."

"What do you think of Jesus?" I plunged in.

"I’m afraid to think of Him. It all seems so easy, but my parents… What did your parents do?"

When he heard me relate how my family did not disown me, Scott just shrugged his shoulders, repeating, "It just seems so easy.. ."

"Scott, why don’t you ask Jesus into your own life? He wants to bear your burden and pain." Scott’s eyes showed fear.

"You see," he said, "I trusted my wife. I would never have suspected her of anything. I really trusted her, and she really made a fool of me. I’ll never let that happen again. With Jesus, it all seems so easy. But I’m still afraid."

Oh, how my heart was breaking for Scott. "Scott, it is a fact of life that people will disappoint you. But Jesus promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us, and that He is with us always. Won’t you let Jesus bear your pain and heal you?"

"I’d like that. I’d like it so much, but Sam, I’m so afraid. Please pray for me." So I prayed for this 28-year-old Jewish man, that God would help him to trust, not all, but "He who comes in the name of the Lord." Scott said, "Please pray for me." Will you?


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