I really appreciate our international administrative headquarters staff in San Francisco! Every year our HQ staff has a Day of Evangelism, usually during our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign, to show solidarity with those staff who are on the front lines daily. Because they normally serve our missionaries in support roles, this requires many to step way out of their comfort zones.

Last year, in addition to broadsiding (handing out our gospel pamphlets), we had a team hold a banner on the Golden Gate Bridge for all those driving across to see. Also, some of us conducted surveys and, at one point, we all marched along Fisherman’s Wharf, holding up a banner, saying “Jews for Jesus—Ask Us” (with our website, an 800 number and a QR code). We even had a music team of nine people who sang and shared testimonies, including David Brickner, who also played trumpet. Many passers by took photos and some stopped to ask questions. Here’s what my co-worker, Leigh, had to say:

“It wasn’t the 30-something man’s bright orange T-shirt from Katz’s Deli in New York City that caught my eye. It was his bulging eyes and dropped jaw as he listened in disbelief to the lively Jewish music our team was playing at Fisherman’s Wharf. I approached him and asked, ‘Have you ever heard of Jews for Jesus?’ he said, ‘No, I can’t believe it. We are Sephardic Jews, but I was raised Catholic. What is this all about?’ I replied, ‘We believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.’ Ricardo, who lives in Italy, gave me his business card so we could send him more information.”

All in all, we truly raised the banner of Yeshua in more ways than one! We distributed over 5,800 broadsides, received back several surveys and had many conversations about Jesus here in our city. Please pray for our Jews for Jesus headquarters staff as they go out once again this month, that God will bless them and make them a blessing.

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