July 2013 Newsletter (5773:11)

Seeing Through Fresh Eyes
June 30, 2013

I am writing from the Jews for Jesus office in Tel Aviv, having been here for about ten days. I always enjoy my visits here. My parents have lived in Israel for 25 years and this year I was able to come just in time to celebrate my mom’s birthday (I won’t say how many years).

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4th of July Launchers

4th of July Launchers: sharing your faith on Independence Day
June 29, 2013
Author: Ruth Rosen

Earlier this year David Brickner wrote an article titled, “Launchers,” inspired by William Wilberforce and his zeal to find ways to “launch” into gospel conversations. Jews for Jesus has been using our own style of “launchers” for many years. Maybe you know from your own life and witness, these opportunities can be found everywhere!

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Freedom to Change

Freedom to Change
June 28, 2013

Toby’s* Story
By Mark Landrum

Everyone wants love, joy and peace . . . and that’s why we are bombarded with ads for self-help programs, resorts, retreats and all kinds of practices and products …

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Finding Freedom in a Prison Cell
June 27, 2013
Author: Martin Friedman

Introduction by Larry Dubin, branch leader for Jews for Jesus in Washington, D.C.

It was a hot and humid Mid-Atlantic August day when the letter from a local detention center arrived. Often I am unable to provide the kind of assistance requested in such letters. But after reading Martin Friedman’s words, I decided to meet with the chaplain of the detention center.

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Day of Evangelism

Jews for Jesus HQ Hits the Streets
June 26, 2013
Author: Rob Wertheim

I really appreciate our international administrative headquarters staff in San Francisco! Every year our HQ staff has a Day of Evangelism, usually during our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign, to show solidarity with those staff who are on the front lines...

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Remnant Sails

June 23, 2013

What if…

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