A new way to enjoy Called to Controversy

If you loved Called to Controversy … and if you love reading socially, you’re really gonna love this!

BookShout! is a whole new way to enjoy books, including Called to Controversy: The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus.  The recently launched reading platform allows you to read together with your Facebook friends and share notes and thoughts with each other in reading circles. You get something that’s not available in the print version or in other e-versions—exclusive commentary from the author and other key influencers, PLUS the opportunity to share your own thoughts with other readers in the Called to Controversy reading circle.

Author’s notes in C2C include: behind the scenes glimpses about how the book was written. For example, whose idea was it for the book to begin with such a shocking introduction? The answer will surprise you. There are also “scenes from the cutting floor.” (The actual print book is half the length of the original manuscript. It was fun to add back some tidbits that simply did not fit into the page length for the print version.) You’ll get an even closer look at Moishe’s life and family relationships.

You will also be able to read notes from Jews for Jesus executive director David Brickner and from Susan Perlman, one of the co-founders of Jews for Jesus who served as Moishe’s first assistant for decades.

You can download the free application in the Apple App Store. The BookShout! version of Called to Controversy is available for purchase here in the BookShout! Bookstore. (The application and store are available to iPad and iPhone users. We hope by the time you read this, they will also be available for Android and all other Internet devices.)

Once you’ve purchased the book, launch the application and tap “Reading Circles” then “Browse Circles” and join the Called to Controversy book club to begin reading and sharing comments about the book with others.

If you want an e-version of Called to Controversy, but are not sure about the reading socially part, we recommend the Bookshout! version as it gives you the option to read socially, but you can still read the book without comments and reading circles if you prefer.

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This was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article published July 2, 2012.