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Broadsides: Invitations to Interact With the Gospel

Moishe wrote the first broadside tract, “A Message from Squares,” in the late 60s, as a way to interact with the hippies of Greenwich Village, New York. He encouraged others to try their hand at penning and illustrating pamphlets, and we Jews for Jesus have been handing out our tri-fold “broadsides” ever since.

Since then, we have written hundreds of these pamphlets to engage people with brief, good-natured messages that point to Jesus. Broadsides are meant to meet people where they’re at, as Yeshua (Jesus) did when He began speaking to the woman at the well about plain old H20, and ultimately presented Himself as the source of living water (John 4:4-26). Likewise we find that food, holidays, special events, popular movies, television shows—even the weather—can all become springboards to something deeper.

This month we’ve enclosed one of our newest broadsides. You might find the title a bit startling, but read on (we think most people who receive it will!). And please pray as campaigners use this little pamphlet for sorties (tract-passing expeditions) among those who are seeking meaning and happiness in the midst of New York City’s nightlife.

Prayer Prompters

Please pray for:

  • our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign going on now! Pray for fruit and for each of the four younger campaign leaders David Brickner is mentoring this month
  • Massah, which is also going on now, as young Jewish believers in Jesus share their testimonies with Israelis in the Land and beyond
  • God’s provision for the next generation of Jews for Jesus, that there will be a new generation of Christians who are eager to encourage and support those doing direct evangelism among Jewish people and other unreached people
  • our summer Camp Gilgal ministry, that staff will have all the energy and strength needed and that campers will grow in faith
  • salvation for Tamara, Daniel, unnamed Jewish man in Toronto, Tami and Miri
  • God’s guidance, grace and good timing through the editing and production process of Moishe’s biography


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