July 2011 Newsletter (5771:11)

A Brother From Another Mother
July 1, 2011

As you read this month’s newsletter, I am most likely out on the streets of New York City, handing out broadsides (gospel tracts). I hope that many of you held onto last month’s prayer calendar and are interceding for us as we launch into our Summer Witnessing Campaign. We anticipate divine encounters and are eager…

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Moishe’s Musings
Author: Moishe Rosen

The Fourth of July is always a great time to meet crowds of people with tracts about real freedom and dependence on God. It can also be a time to ponder issues like ‘rebellion versus revolution’ and to consider such things as conflict for Christ’s sake. The following “musings” are excerpts from some of Moishe’s…

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Massah: a Journey in Faith

Last summer marked the fourth year of our Massah program. “Massah” means “journey” in Hebrew. Our team of twelve young adults plus four leaders gathered from all over the United States (and one from Mexico City) and journeyed to Jaffa, a city on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. We lived in a guesthouse for six…

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Ruth’s Ramblings: courageous ways of communicating the gospel keep up with the times
Author: Ruth Rosen

My father once said something to the effect of, “If we are doing all the same things to proclaim the gospel ten years from now, we will be obsolete.” Maybe that’s why I’ve been an unabashed fan and supporter of our Massah program since the beginning. While the gospel message never changes, opportunities to communicate…

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Bits from Massah and Summer Campaign

Here are some glimpses of how God answered prayer last summer—to encourage you to pray for the evangelism taking place right now! Massah Ben: So many nights after a long day, we go out and talk to people who are enjoying the Tel Aviv nightlife. Last Thursday, my team–four of us–went to an area where…

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Bits from the Branches

London Kata Tar reports, “The Talmud (set of Jewish commentaries) has its own list of forbidden literature. Would you believe, readers are told not to study certain parts of—the Hebrew Scriptures! ‘Cursed be the man who calculates the time of the coming of the Messiah,’ is a warning against studying the book of Daniel, particularly…

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Announcements and Prayer Request

Broadsides: Invitations to Interact With the Gospel Moishe wrote the first broadside tract, “A Message from Squares,” in the late 60s, as a way to interact with the hippies of Greenwich Village, New York. He encouraged others to try their hand at penning and illustrating pamphlets, and we Jews for Jesus have been handing out…

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