Jews for Jesus witnessing campaigns  have always stressed spiritual  preparedness. In the early days,  Scripture memorization was part of the  rigorous routine of campaign. Each  morning the verse(s) were posted and  each day we were tested on the previous  day’s Scripture. The verses were  carefully selected to minister to us and  help us minister to others. About once a  week, we had a cumulative test on all the  verses we had memorized to date.We  were expected to have the verses down,  word and punctuation perfect.

Memorizing Scripture definitely  helped us in the spiritual warfare that  intensifies around every effort to make  the gospel known. On the other hand,  memorization is strenuous for some and  campaigners were already being tested  in other ways, facing rejection out on  the hot streets and inside the even hotter  subway stations. So we continued  having daily verses for meditation, and  were encouraged to memorize them, but  without the testing.We also included a  chapel time in our daily schedule, to  help keep up our spiritual strength.  This enabled us to worship together,  singing scriptural songs, before hearing  a brief message from God’s Word.  Soon, in addition to daily chapels, we  had an onsite chaplain to pray for and  with the campaigners.

When we show you pictures of our  witnessing campaigns, you don’t see  the chaplains who intercede for each  campaigner, and who are available  during meals and the afternoon breaks  to meet and minister to campaigners  one-on-one.When possible, we like  to have a couple serving together, so  that the husband can meet with the  men, and the wife with the women.  This year we are blessed to have  Emmanuel and Sarah Mebasser as  campaign chaplains for our New York  City Summer Witnessing Campaign.  Both Jewish believers in Jesus,  Emmanuel and Sarah met through our  ministry. They have a son, Jonah, who  was born in April, 2008. Throughout  July, the Mebassers are praying  together for each campaigner, as well  as meeting with them individually.  They also take turns giving their  reflections on Scripture during chapel  times. And they minister not only to,  but with the campaigners. Emmanuel  says, Sarah and I will go with  campaigners on as many sorties as  we can; it is important for us to take  part in what the other campaigners  are experiencing.

“As we come alongside campaigners,  we want to water the seeds of freedom  that come from being a slave to Messiah.  True freedom is being disciplined in  hearing and obeying what God wants  you to do from moment to moment. We  want to bring an attitude of expectancy  that God will show up in our prayer and  worship times, so that none of us will be  lacking the fruits of the Spirit. We want  to share out of that abundance with the  people of New York.

“In addition to street ministry we are  helping the team look for creative  ways to share the gospel, including  over the Internet. And we are excited  about taking part in follow-up on the  contacts we receive.”

Sarah says, “I know firsthand the  challenge of being a New York  Campaigner. I want to help ease the  burden of this year’s campaigners and  also to encourage them that they are  making a huge difference in the  kingdom of God. My greatest hope for  the campaign is that at its conclusion  many New Yorkers will have heard and  received the gospel—and campaigners  will be enthusiastic about continuing to  share the gospel. For me, the biggest  challenge is balancing caring for my  son with caring for the campaigners,  but I know that God will help me find  that balance.”

When asked how becoming parents has  helped equip them as chaplains,  Emmanuel said, “Having a child teaches  you about sacrifice, dedication, patience,  and endurance. These are qualities that  each campaigner needs, and we hope  to encourage them in those attributes.  We also want to help campaigners  remember that God is a father who is so  proud of them and longs to show His joy  and kindness to all His children.”

When asked, semi-seriously, about  Jonah’s role this summer, Emmanuel  answered, “Well, Jonah is a real  people person. For those who need to  know the joy of the Lord like little  children, Jonah will certainly be  happy to laugh and giggle with them.”  Emmanuel normally serves as our web  developer. He will still devote some  time online this summer, including  developing our new evangelistic flash  animated cartoon series, doing  evangelism on, and  running gospel advertising campaigns  for our satellite evangelistic websites  including,, and

 Please pray for the Mebassers as they provide spiritual support and inspiration for the campaigners. Pray for them to bless those on campaign as they look to connect with them throughout the month and pray for the appropriate balance of ministering to campaigners and caring for Jonah.