July 2008 Newsletter (5768:11)

What is Real?
June 26, 2008

Get a real job!” I’ve heard this countless times while handing out tracts on the streets. The “suggestion” to get a real job is intended to denigrate the proclamation of the gospel as lacking authenticity or importance. Many Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers will...

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New York Summer Witnessing Campaign

New York City is home to our Jews for Jesus training center and we have year-round missionaries in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (though no official branch in the latter). Our regular staff go about doing regular missionary work in New York City all year round:...

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Why Not Where Your Witness This Summer?

There are many ways to share our faith. Most of us, if we have a choice, prefer discussing Jesus with friends who have shown an interest in Him. But the world is full of people who may or may not have Christian friends with whom to discuss these things. Can God use...

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freedom in CHRIST
Author: Rob Wertheim

It’s easy to take our liberty for granted. Recently, I was reminded how very precious my freedom is to me. A few months ago I presented “Christ in the Passover” at one of the most famous prisons in the United States: San Quentin. I have to confess that I felt...

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Bits from the Branches

San Francisco Viktor Moiseyenko reports, “I have been asking God to give me more Russian-speaking Jewish people to minister to. Recently, I visited a woman named Fruma. After we finished our discussion, I ‘happened’ to run into a lady who had also come to visit Fruma....

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When Your Friends Function As Enemies
Author: Moishe Rosen

This month, the Festival of Pentecost will slip past most Jews and Christians unnoticed; yet it is one of the three most important Festivals in the Old Testament and it marks a pivotal point in the history of Christianity.

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