Andrew Barron reports, Michael is a Jewish man who has also become spiritually hungry and is attending an Alpha class in the Toronto area. He went to Alpha because his girlfriend was hungry for God and took him along. She received Jesus early on in the class and then the church that hosted Alpha called me. Michael was very hungry. He had been through a divorce and survived cancer and wanted answers. I spent some time with Michael and encouraged him to continue Alpha. Just recently he called to tell me that he received Jesus at the last Alpha class and wanted to spend more time with me to study the Bible. Praise God!

“Aaron is an Israeli who has recently immigrated to Vancouver and he is also attending an Alpha class. He has been in touch with me asking many questions about the gospel and Jesus as the Messiah. Because of the time difference and his work schedule it is difficult for us to speak regularly.”


Bob Mendelsohn reports, “Fiona is a 19-year-old Jewish woman who grew up in the center of the Jewish community. Lately, however, she has been dating a Christian man. She has gone with him to church several times. She really likes it and said that one Sunday the whole sermon was ‘on Jews for Jesus.’ So Fiona stopped by our shop and bought some books. I spoke with her later that night. She hasn’t put the books down, especially Michael Brown’s Answering Jewish Objections. She wants to come to our new “Thursdays @ 6” (Bible class) and has ‘heaps of questions,’ but is quite worried about the reaction of her parents, with whom she still lives. Will you pray for Fiona and for her parents? We are trusting God to open her eyes and give her faith very soon.

“Actually, every week many Jewish people come to ask questions at the shop. As I write this, Vladimir (who is originally from Riga, Latvia but has lived the last 20 years in Australia) came in for his third visit. He’s really struggling with the claims of Jesus. Then there’s Victoria, another young woman, about 24, who is dealing with the demands of Jesus on her life and the tensions of living in a sinful world. And we just heard from a Jewish believer friend in Uruguay that the couple from Hungary (who now live in Montevideo as reported last month) is open to coming along to her Jewish discussion group. Praise God for more and more Jewish people searching for the truth of Jesus.”


Mira Gracheva reports, “We often become upset over what we see as a problem, and then we suddenly realize that it’s not a problem, but it’s just that God’s plan is different from our plans. That is what happened when we lost the hall where we were going to celebrate the Passover Seder…but then another hall in a neighboring district opened up very swiftly. I took the lists of the Jewish people that I was working with when I started my ministry (many lived near the second hall). There were a lot of elderly people whom I’d called many times, but who’d remained closed. I had heard ‘NO! NO!’ from them for years, and now it was a miracle to hear ‘YES! YES!’ I understood that the Lord was preparing something. I accomplished my part of the work (130 phone calls) and God accomplished His. We had 54 people at the Passover seder! (We had started with five people!) There were 39 Jewish people (20 unbelievers and 19 believers, including 11 new Jewish believers). More than 20 people came for the first time! There were long-time contacts we’ve called for years and new people who’d given their contact information the week before. Mary Chase (an American missionary who sponsored the seder) decorated the table beautifully with Passover plates and dishes and prepared everything for the seder. My assistants cooked Jewish dishes. The music group sang amazingly! Jewish hearts melted…and it was God’s miracle that 12 Jewish people gave their hearts to the Lord! People left happy and filled with God’s peace and joy. And I rejoiced at our almighty God, whose mercy never fails.”