*Jewishness or Jewish culture

A two-part riddle:

You hate it in the subway,
but pay to do it at a spa;
it embarrasses you during a presentation or job interview,
but you’re proud of it at the gym.

OK, so that was pretty easy, but now, part two: do you know the Yiddish word for sweat? Is it:

A. shvitz B. schmooze C. shavuot


If you answered A, mazel tov, stop shvitzing, you got it right.

If you answered B, you got the Jewish word for chatting (also known as kibbitzing), which is a lot more fun than shvitzing, unless you’re in a sauna with your buddies, in which case shmoozing and shvitzing go together.

If you answered C, did you READ last month’s Newsletter?