New York

Bruce Rapp reports, Several months ago I met a Christian woman (Ms. V) who is friends with a Jewish man (Mr. G). In fact, they had been dating and even discussing marriage. Ms. V explained to Mr. G that she could not in good conscience marry someone who is not a believer in Jesus. Mr. G agreed to meet with me for a four-week Bible study to see just who this Jesus is that Ms. V feels so strongly about. We have long since finished our four-week series and Mr. G wanted to continue meeting to study and try to figure out who Jesus really is.

“Recently I spoke at a church in Long Island, and though I had invited Ms. V and Mr. G to join me, I was surprised when they actually entered the church. They had driven over two hours to get there! Mr. G was focused intently on the Passover presentation and even took notes.

“At the end of my message, the pastor led the church in a communion service. As the plate and cups were being passed, I explained to Mr. G what this meant. I was surprised when he took a piece of the matzo and a cup as they came by. I asked if he understood what he was doing. He replied, ‘Yes, by taking these things I am saying that I believe, and that I want Jesus to be in me.’ I looked at Ms. V (who was sitting on the other side of him) and my jaw dropped.

“After the service we didn’t get much time to talk, but please keep Mr. G in prayer as we continue to meet, that he will have his own growing faith in Jesus, apart from his friendship with Ms. V.”

Susan Mendelson reports, “A young Israeli student (from Hebrew University), Yuval, was visiting in New York and stopped by our office. He said he had some questions about us for coursework that he’s doing. Yuval was very kind and seemed curious. He said he would contact our office in Tel Aviv when he gets back to Israel. Please pray for Yuval to receive the Messiah, Yeshua.”


Garrett Smith reports, “We had great fun doing an outreach at the Boston Marathon. We had a crew of 25 people handing out tracts and talking to people about the Lord. We gave out over 7,000 broadside tracts. One Jewish man, Noah, e-mailed us afterward, thanking us for encouraging people to seek a more spiritual life, though he was quick to add that he didn’t agree with everything in our message. Mostly, he couldn’t understand how we could think Jesus was the only way. I was blessed to get the e-mail, and excited about responding. When we hand out tracts on the streets, we are giving people an opportunity to interact with the gospel. Most Jewish people rarely have that opportunity. Pray that Noah will continue to engage with me on the subject of Jesus.”


Dina Markova reports, “I knocked on the door of a flat with a German name on it. A woman opened the door and I explained that I was with Jews for Jesus. Then I asked if she knew where I could find Jewish families to invite to our Shabbat Bible studies. The woman smiled, introduced herself as Valentina, and invited me to come in. As I came in, I saw another woman sitting in the room and drinking tea. ‘This is Irina,’ Valentina said. ‘She is Jewish and she is from Ukraine. Please have some tea with us.’

“I introduced myself to Irina and asked if I could talk to her about an important issue for the Jewish people. ‘What do you want to talk to me about?’ she asked. ‘About what you think of the Messiah of Israel—what do you think about Yeshua?’ ‘But we were just talking about Him!’ Irina exclaimed.

“I had a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel from a Jewish perspective and at the end of our conversation she prayed the sinner’s prayer with me. I thank the Lord for this soul! Please pray that Irina’s husband and son would also come to know the Lord, and that Irina would find a congregation of believers in Germany where she could grow spiritually.”