Fort Lauderdale

Holly Meyer reports, Even when we attend events designed for Christians only, God seems to bring Jewish people our way. I worked a booth at the Christian Action Trade Show in West Palm Beach, Florida for two days, networking and signing people up for our newsletter. Nevertheless, I met two Jewish people who are not believers: Osi, an Israeli, and Fay, an older businesswoman. Fay received a copy of our Survivor Stories video; please pray that she’ll view it and that she and Osi will come to faith in Yeshua.”

Los Angeles

Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “On April 21, I presented ‘Christ in the Passover’ at an Evangelical Free church in Playa Del Rey. After the meeting I met Phaedra, a Jewish woman from England, married to a Gentile Christian. They have two small children. Phaedra told me that she had walked out of the Easter service a couple of weeks before, weeping. She loves Jesus, but felt that she could not believe because Jesus is not for Jews. It seemed that meeting a Jew for Jesus met a real need because she then handed me the involvement card, which she had filled out to receive our literature. On the back she had marked the box reading, ‘I am Jewish and I believe in Jesus too’! I called her after the presentation to confirm the fact that she has come to faith in Jesus. She is really excited about finally having spiritual harmony with her husband and is looking forward to raising both of their children with the fullness of their identity.”


The Canadian Jewish News printed an amazing photo of an encounter between a Jewish woman and a Jew for Jesus handing out tracts. Apparently the photo was taken from a documentary being shown at the Toronto Film Festival for lots of Jewish people to see on the BIG SCREEN! If you have Internet access, check it out at:
P.S. If you went to this link and don’t know what chutzpa (or chutzpah) is, see page three of last month’s newsletter.


Valera Bolotov reports, “A new Jewish believer named Vladislav was very glad when I called and he agreed to a visit. When we met, it turned out that Vladislav, an alcoholic, had started drinking hard again. But when his kidneys began aching, he started thinking about God again. It seemed that this time Vladislav wanted to repent and give up alcohol forever. He even asked me to bring him to church on Sunday. However, when I came to his home, he was out. Please pray that God will release Vladislav from his alcohol dependence.”

Valera Kochanov reports, “My wife, Arina, and I were on a visit to a new Jewish believer named Maria, who had repented on a previous visit that Arina had with her. Maria was very happy to see us. She said she had always sought God in her life and now she was very glad to have our spiritual support and help. I was especially pleased when I noticed a Bible with a lot of bookmarks lying on a table next to her armchair, which testified that she was reading the Bible by herself. Maria commented that she was going through a very hard time, and when times were especially difficult she read the Bible, prayed and found comfort. Please pray for Maria that she will continue to grow in God, and also for her healing.”


Ilya Khaimovich reports, “Mira and I decided to have a sortie (tract-passing expedition) at Arbat, a very Jewish area—but it’s not always easy to engage Jewish people in conversation there. Within 40 minutes, two Jewish people gave me their names and addresses for further contact, but I did not receive the third until the end of the two-hour sortie. Felix believed in Yeshua as his Savior and the Son of God, and knew he was a sinner and needed salvation. He agreed to pray to repent, and tears appeared at the end of the prayer. Those were tears of regret for his sins. Please pray for spiritual and physical health for Felix since he’s going to go to the hospital soon. May God bless Felix to grow in the Word, that he might make Jesus glad with his deeds.”