Sunday would be a long day, with six-plus hours of driving in order to get to and from my morning and evening speaking engagements. Thankfully, friends were praying for a special blessing on that day.

So when I got an e-mail that Mike, a Christian, might be bringing his Jewish wife, Sarah, to my Sunday evening Passover presentation, I was excited about this answer to prayer. I called the church to ask if someone could handle my book table after the service so that Sarah and I could visit. Then came the second e-mail. Sarah would not be able to make it after all; she was scheduled to work that night. I e-mailed Mike and asked him to see if Sarah could get someone to cover for her. Mike called me and agreed to ask, but commented that it was rather short notice. We prayed that if God wanted Sarah and me to meet as a step on her journey to faith, He would work out the details.

Sunday came; I enjoyed my morning meeting and as I was setting up for my evening presentation, I heard someone exclaim, Sarah?!” Then I heard, “Megan?!” I turned to see Mike and Sarah talking to the woman who had offered to handle my book table after the service. Not only had Mike and Sarah come, but it turned out that Sarah and Megan knew each other from work! After the Passover presentation, thanks to answered prayer again Megan, Mike, Sarah and I visited with one another for half an hour or so.

When Sarah and Mike married, Sarah agreed that their children would be raised Christian. She had not thought much about the Jewish religion since her bat mitzvah, but her Jewish identity was extremely important to her. Now that the children were getting older, it was time to fulfill her promise. But it was a struggle for Sarah to think of teaching her children a religion that seemed foreign to her. Could her children be raised to believe as Mike did, and still be Jewish? Sarah knew that some Jewish people actually believe in Jesus, and hoped that we might be able to provide her with an understanding of Christianity that would make sense to her as a Jew. Mike was concerned that Sarah not feel pressured to believe as he does, but at the same time he longed to see her and the children find life and hope in the Messiah, as he had done. He was thrilled that Sarah was willing to meet me and discuss the issues, as she had not felt comfortable doing so before.

Talking to Sarah was the most fun I’d had in ministry in a long time. I loved the way she kept saying, “I just have one more question,” as she asked one thing after another. I watched her face as she began to see how the Bible teaches that the human race has been alienated from God, and that the only way to be reconciled to God is on His terms. I watched her realize that for Jesus to give His life as an atonement for sin is not so un-Jewish after all, in light of Isaiah 53 and Leviticus 17:11. And when she asked me what the Jewish religion says is the “end of the story” when it comes to finding forgiveness and a relationship with God, I knew that Sarah was really thinking, and really searching!

By the end of our visit, Sarah had agreed to read about the teachings of Jesus for herself, beginning with the Gospel of John. We agreed that her marriage and her children were not a reason for her to believe in Jesus, but that God would have to reveal His truth to her in order for her to sincerely believe.

Sarah and Mike are longing to be of one accord spiritually, and to raise their children in a way they both feel is true and right. Please pray for God to reveal Himself and to unite this family in faith, that they might all know and love the Messiah, Yeshua.