July 2004 Newsletter (5764:11)

Courage for Everyone
July 1, 2004

I have been reading short biographies of famous Jewish Christian leaders from the nineteenth century. What impresses me is their courage in the face of intense persecution and real danger. Many traveled to strange and distant lands to reach people with the gospel....

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The BYG Pic

Please be praying for this month’s Behold Your God campaign in Manchester, England. Joseph Steinberg, chief of station for our London branch, is leading the campaign with Dean McDiarmid assisting. Campaigners will receive training July 7-9 with the actual...

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Bible Courage Test

See how you score! 1. David went after Goliath because: a. all the other shepherds dared him to b. his sandal straps were too tight and making him cranky c. he couldn’t stand Goliath making fun of the God of Israel 2. Of the ten Israeli spies sent to report back...

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The Doctor Is In

Amy called our office asking Jews for Jesus for help on behalf of herself, her husband and three other intermarried couples. Her request made me realize how ill-equipped I was for ministry to intermarried Jews and their families. In that moment I decided to pursue...

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An Answer (or Two) to Prayer
Author: Ruth Rosen

Sunday would be a long day, with six-plus hours of driving in order to get to and from my morning and evening speaking engagements. Thankfully, friends were praying for a special blessing on that day. So when I got an e-mail that Mike, a Christian, might be bringing...

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Behind the Scenes in D.R.U.M.

People think it takes courage to stand out on the street corner to proclaim the gospel. But there is another kind of courage that enables people to sit behind a computer day after day, typing information that keeps a ministry like ours in communication with folks like...

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Bits from the Branches

Fort Lauderdale Holly Meyer reports, Even when we attend events designed for Christians only, God seems to bring Jewish people our way. I worked a booth at the Christian Action Trade Show in West Palm Beach, Florida for two days, networking and signing people up for...

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