True or False

  1. The Masoretic Text is the instruction guide for an Italian automobile.
  2. The more Orthodox a Jewish person is, the less likely he or she is to believe in Jesus.
  3. In the traditional Jewish version of the Old Testamant, the order is such that the last book is 2 Chronicles.
  4. Sixty thousand Jews came to Christ in Israel alone last year.
  5. A shofar is a driver for an Israeli general.
  6. There are three correct methods for witnessing to Jewish people.
  7. There are more than 300 messianic prophecies in the Jewish Bible that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled.


  1. False. The Masoretic Text is the standard Hebrew text of the Old Testament, established in the early medieval period by Jewish scribes known as the Masoretes.
  2. False. There’s no evidence that people from a particular branch of Judaism are more or less likely to come to faith—though in some cases, Orthodox Jews take Scripture more seriously, and that’s always a help in seeing the truth about Jesus.
  3. True. The Jewish version has all the same books as your Old Testament, but some are in a different order, and some of the verses are numbered differently as well.
  4. False…for now. Keep praying!
  5. False. But we do believe the shofar (ram’s horn) will be heard in Israel when Jesus returns.
  6. False. Any truthful and compassionate way you find to tell Jewish people about Jesus is correct.
  7. True…Hallelujah!