July 2002 Newsletter (5762:11)

Jewish Evangelism: Is It Conceit or Compassion?
July 1, 2002
Author: John Piper

On another infamous September 11 (1999), major newspapers across America called the effort to evangelize Jewish people arrogant and scandalous. It was a response to the Southern Baptist summons that we pray for Jewish people to trust Christ. In my hometown of...

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The BYG Pic

With three campaigns this month we couldn’t fit all the prayer requests onto one bookmark, so you may want to cut and clip this to your BYG bookmark. Dnepropetrovsk is probably the most difficult Jews for Jesus branch to pronounce (unless you happen to be from...

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Summer Campaign Bits from Moscow, 2001

We wanted to give you a feeling for what happens on campaigns as the Lord answers your prayers. Thank you so much for interceding for our campaigners and for those the Lord brings across their paths! Ilya Khaimovich reported, Lena Zanouylina and I were handing out...

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Praise Report

This is not exactly a Bit from the Branch” but since we have asked you on occasion to pray for the salvation of our family members, we wanted to share this simcha (joy) with you: Bruce Rapp reports, “I had a chance to visit with my father in Southern...

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Test Your Yiddishkeit

True or False The Masoretic Text is the instruction guide for an Italian automobile. The more Orthodox a Jewish person is, the less likely he or she is to believe in Jesus. In the traditional Jewish version of the Old Testamant, the order is such that the last book is...

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How To Make Your Summer Vacation Count

Order a T-shirt that says JESUS MADE ME KOSHER or some other gospel slogan to wear while you travel. You’ll be surprised how many people will ask you questions that enable you to share your faith. Order 100 Jews for Jesus broadsides or other gospel tracts that...

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Why I Can’t Retreat

Editor’s note: We were delighted to be able to reprint John Piper’s article in lieu of David’s usual lead. However, I was feeling nostalgic and decided to include this article that David wrote some twenty years ago when he was on a summer witnessing...

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Some Good and Some Not-So-Good Places to Hand Out Jewish Gospel Tracts in New York City

Good: In front of a Chinese restaurant. Jewish people love Chinese food. (See the May newsletter) In front of the 42nd Street Library—usually those going in and out can read. The rest can just enjoy the pictures. In front of Bloomingdale’s department...

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