Elvira Meyer reports, Eighty-one-year-old Elisaveta’s eyes sparkled when I brought her a large-print Bible. I asked her to read a passage from 1 Corinthians and also from the book of John. She read carefully so as not to miss a word—and it was as if I could actually see her heart begin to melt. When she was done, she looked up at me from the pages, and asked how she could have eternal life. I explained the gospel to her and then Elisaveta prayed to receive Jesus as her Messiah. Praise God! Please pray that the Lord strengthens her faith and that she will be a witness to her family, especially to her niece in Minsk.”


Moshe Shuai reports, “I had just come from a worship service at my congregation when I saw a man walking a beautiful dog. As I admired the dog, I felt led to witness to its owner. I began to talk with him about the gospel and why we believe that Yeshua is the promised Messiah. I was surprised when Tzachi said that he already believed. I was even more surprised when told me that Efraim and I had visited him several years ago—before I was even on the Jews for Jesus staff! We spoke a little more and Tzachi agreed to meet again in a few days.

“When I visited Tzachi, he took his intellectual belief in Yeshua a step further and prayed with me to receive Him as his Lord and Savior. His wife, Keren, joined part of the conversation, and it was so encouraging to see Tzachi trying to answer her questions himself. He is committed to meeting with me on a regular basis for discipleship. I hope that soon he will begin attending the congregation down the street.”

Sometimes handing out tracts in Israel can be discouraging, but other times it is incredibly fruitful. Dan Sered reports, “God is so awesome. Within two sorties (tract passing expeditions) in one week, seven Jewish people had agreed to receive more information from me about Jesus. I met with two of them that same week. Both are from Canada. Michael was visiting and seemed very open to the gospel. Please pray that he will continue meeting with our Toronto missionaries when he returns home. David has made Aliyah (moved to Israel). He does not seem open to the gospel. (He came with antimissionary materials to prove me wrong.) Please pray that as I meet with him, God will give me the wisdom to share with him and to answer all his questions.”

New York

Josh Sofaer reports, “Elizabeth T. recently led some Russian Jewish family members to the Lord. While Elizabeth continues ministering to the parents, I’ve been asked to minister to their children, Konstantine and Vlad, who are brothers, aged 12 and 15 respectively, as well as their cousin, also named Vlad, who is 16. They all live in the same apartment building, which is mainly occupied by Russian Jews. I’m meeting with these teens once a week after school. They’ve all made a profession of faith in Yeshua and Vlad (the cousin) has decided to be baptized. I’m so encouraged by their enthusiasm, and I pray this might start a chain reaction among the many Jewish families in the building.”

San Francisco

Robyn Wilk reports, “Dana, a member of a local InterVarsity group, brought her Jewish friend Irene to Tiferet Israel (a messianic congregation attended by many of our staff). After the service, I found Irene to be extremely open. She was eager to meet again to talk about Jesus. We met in a cafe at the mall, and right in the middle of our discussion, she blurted out, ‘I am ready to do it!’ She prayed with me right there to receive Yeshua. Please pray for Irene, that her new faith will take root.”

Los Angeles

Rhonda Gordon reports, “Bill Eckmann, messianic leader of Kehilat haMelech of Honolulu, Hawaii, was volunteering with Cyril and me at the Los Angeles International Airport. As we were finishing our sortie, a man approached us and explained that he has been reading books on Judaism and has even begun going to synagogue. (He is not Jewish.) Eugene had been thinking all day about whether or not a Jew could believe in Jesus. Then as he sat down to wait for his plane, he read the tract we had given him. After hearing the gospel, Eugene made a profession of faith right there in the airport! But wait, there is more—because it turns out Eugene lives in Hawaii! He will attend Bill’s congregation and meet with him for follow-up. Praise God for this divine appointment! Please pray for Eugene.”