I sensed the first time I met Rhonda that it was only a matter of time before she would accept Jesus as her personal Savior. Only a few days after Rhonda met one of our volunteers at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto during our Summer Witnessing Campaign, she was on the phone to our office asking when the literature we promised would arrive. I offered to come and bring it to her in person, and she eagerly agreed.

I met Rhonda the very next evening. She recounted to me the many people she’d already spoken with about Jesus, including a pastor of a local church and one of her closest friends who is a Christian. Clearly, God was already doing a work in her heart.

For the next three weeks Rhonda and I met and studied the Scriptures. Each week, at the end of our visit, I’d ask her if she believed what the Scriptures were saying about Jesus—that He was the Jewish Messiah, that He was God come in the flesh, that He died to pay the penalty for our sin, that He was raised from the dead, and that eternal life was found through faith in Him. Each week she would express more and more confidence in that truth. But each week, when I would ask if she was then ready to accept Jesus as her Savior, she would smile shyly and say, Not yet.” “Do you know what stops you?” I asked during our third Bible study. “I’m not sure,” she answered. “It’s just that Jewish people aren’t supposed to believe in Him.” So we left it that she would pray during the week for God to reveal the truth to her and that He would remove any obstacles to her faith.

Meanwhile, I had also been praying that God would allow me the blessing of seeing Rhonda come to faith in the next few weeks, as I would shortly be moving to another assignment. I had to go away for two weeks and asked another Jews for Jesus missionary, Laura, to meet with Rhonda in my absence. I was almost certain that by the time I returned Rhonda would have stepped over the line into faith.

When I returned, Laura told me that Rhonda was ready to receive the Lord, but wanted to wait until I returned so that we could do it together! So the evening before I was to leave Toronto for my new assignment, Rhonda came to my house, where we had dinner together and I had the pleasure of leading her in a prayer of repentance and faith.

God had answered both our prayers, as well, I’m sure, as the prayers of Laura’s Christian friend. And, He answered the prayers of friends like you who were praying that we would meet the right people on our Summer Witnessing Campaigns! [Yes, this is a not-so-cleverly-disguised plea for you to keep those prayers coming.]

It has been several years since Rhonda received salvation. She has become a dynamic woman of God who is very involved in her church and who loves telling others how God answers prayer.

(Karol heads up our training program for new missionaries.)