We didn’t have enough space last month to print all the encouraging campaign stories from 1999, so thought we’d include a few more to inspire you to pray for this year’s Campaigns.

It was Keith Greenberg’s first sortie (tract-passing expedition) of the Campaign and he prayed with three people to receive the Lord! He approached a young Muslim woman and after he explained the gospel she acknowledged that Jesus is God and asked him to pray with her! Two other people—one man from Tibet who’d never heard of Jesus and another man from China—were both open to the gospel and hungry for a relationship with the Lord. After praying, all three received Prophecy Edition New Testaments and other follow-up literature to help them better understand and live out the decision they had just made.

Susan Perlman accidentally got on a local instead of an express train and ended up next to Joe, a polish Holocaust survivor. Joe said that he didn’t think we had anything to say to him, but he and his buddies had plenty to say to us! Sue responded by saying that we have a Savior who knows more about suffering than anyone. Joe challenged Susan and the team of campaigners to meet with him and his friends to discuss this subject more—and gave Sue his telephone number! All the while, a Jewish man sitting on the other side of Joe was listening and said he’d be interested in checking out the New York branch’s Friday night service. Sue said, The delay that caused us to get on this particular train was obviously meant to be!”

As Nici Meyer was handing out “Noah the Nudnik” broadsides (gospel tracts) in Central Park, she approached a man who turned out to be an Ethiopian Jewish believer in Jesus. He was excited to hear that we had several Ethiopian Jewish believers on campaign and promptly left to go look for them so he could encourage them! Just after this interaction, Nici met a Jewish woman who seemed reluctant to open up but suddenly stopped mid-conversation and said, “You know, I really need to give you my phone number because we need to get together and talk about this some more.”

During an afternoon sortie, a young Jewish believer who was visiting New York City with his mother approached Hannah Meyer. He had never actually met any other Jewish people who believe in Jesus and was so excited and encouraged to meet us.

Naranda Flett was discouraged that no one was taking her broadsides at Penn Station. In the middle of the sortie she went and found a teammate, Miriam, and they prayed that God would turn things around. She went back to the same spot, and before the end of the sortie 40 minutes later, she had handed out every single tract. Garrett Smith, the campaign leader, said he could not remember the last time someone was able to hand out all their tracts at Penn Station in less than two hours. Naranda said, “It was totally God—there were all these Jewish people taking broadsides and looking at them.”

Chad Elliot was handing out a broadside titled, “Top Ten Things You’d Want to Ask God” at 46th and Broadway when an Orthodox Jewish man approached him and asked, “What was the deciding factor that made you sure that Jesus is the Messiah?” He seemed incredibly open and asked for more information. Chad said, “This was a real encouragement after being spit upon by five different people earlier in the sortie.”

Greg Savitt was on 42nd and 5th sharing the gospel with an Orthodox Jewish man when he noticed that the man’s bag had an emblem for one of the Big Six accounting firms. Greg used to be a CPA, so he started talking about accounting. Greg said, “I think he was surprised to meet a missionary who at one time shared his profession. He seemed to respect that and indicated that he would really think about whether Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.”