Last July we received the following encouraging letter. Hope it will encourage you to pray for our New York City Campaigners as they hand out tracts this 4th of July. (We’ve enclosed the tract to which the writer refers.)

Dear Jews for Jesus,

Words fail me…but I had to write.

You see, I am an American Christian living in Trinidad in the West Indies (off the coast of Venezuela). I have been praying for my 31-year-old son for years and years. The last time he visited me (April of this year) he even refused to go to church with me (my husband was the late pastor of this church) and my son never refused before. To say that was discouraging to me is an understatement!

Today, feeling very low for several reasons, I opened a letter from my son (we are actually very close and correspond by e-mail) and out fell a tract called Happy Fourth of July”—I was shocked. A tract! From him! The Lord surely knows how to cheer my spirit during a “down” time!

His letter said, in part, “While Jess and I were up in Manhattan over July 4th, someone handed this to me. I read it and thought I’d pass it on to you. I know it says it’s by “Jews for Jesus” but I thought the way in which they chose to do this message was quite effective. I never thought of it in this way before. So, I thought you might have a chance to use it with the children you influence.”

I was thrilled to read the tract—so doctrinally sound! And I was thrilled to read my son’s letter—actually, it is the first sign of real life I have seen…and all due to your tract.…I thought you would like to know…and if you would, pray that God would open his eyes and heart, as He did Lydia’s so long ago.…His name is John, and he lives in Philadelphia.

In the love and joy of Christ,
Psalm 48:14

In a recent e-mail with Janet, she said there have been small signs of progress, but John still needs prayer for his spiritual life.


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