Missionary trainee Dinah Sered reports from New York, Our computer-generated directions simply were not getting my husband Dan and me to our destination: a church in Brooklyn where we were to speak. As soon as we realized we were headed toward Queens, we got off the expressway and asked a policeman for directions. Somehow we were unable to find the street we asked him for, but we did find another that took us in the right direction. In fact, each time we thought we were lost, we would find a different street that would lead us to the church. And that is exactly how we ended up at Evangelical Ebenezer Church. God obviously wanted us there, and to our joy a couple of people came to faith in that service!”

Also from New York, Karol Joseph reports, “I got into my aisle seat on the plane back to New York and a Jewish woman in the aisle seat across from me immediately struck up a conversation. After 10 or 15 minutes, Connie got to the inevitable question, ‘So, what do you do?’ When I told her I am with Jews for Jesus, she said, ‘Give me a minute, I’m having heart palpitations. I HATE you guys!’ [It’s so much easier to hate people that you don’t know!] At that point I shared the gospel with her and asked if she thought I was any less Jewish for believing in the Jewish Messiah than she is, as an agnostic. She got the point. I wish I could say that she became a believer, but she was not that open. However, she did give me her card and asked if we might get together for coffee some time.”

Also from Karol: “Jeanne lives in Vermont and contacted us through the web, having met some wonderful believers who had taken her to their church. She contacted us because she is Jewish and wanted us to address some of her questions. We exchanged several e-mails while I was out of town, and I called her soon after I got home. When I told her who I was she said, ‘I knew it was going to be you.’ Then she said, ‘Well, I did it!’ ‘Did what?’ I asked. ‘I accepted Jesus as my Messiah, just an hour and a half ago at our Bible study!’ What great news to come home to!”

Outreach worker Emma Anatoly reports from Kiev, “In the two and a half months of ministry I did with Messiah’s Shofar in Germany, I never came across Nazi opposition. But when I came home to Kiev and was handing out tracts at the metro station, a young Russian man began shouting out Nazi curses in German, as well as singing fascist songs. I was praying the whole time. After about 40 minutes the young man left and I had two good conversations with Jewish people, Mikhail and Tatiana, who want more information about Jesus. Please pray for them.”

One volunteer, Vladimir Pakholkov, describes some of the difficulties of ministry in the CIS, as well as how the Lord takes care of us: “We were going though a mountain crossing between Vladicavkaz and Tbilissi. Most of us were carrying a sum of money belonging to Jews for Jesus (to use in our Tbilissi outreach), which we had to declare to the Russian-Georgian customs. After passing through, a car overcame us and signaled us to stop. We did, and a man from the other car asked us to produce documents. To make a long story short, he and his two cohorts wanted us to bribe them with some of the money we had declared. I told them that I could not comply, for the money was not mine, it was God’s money. And they let us go! Two days later, as we were out handing out tracts, I saw the driver of that car. I approached him and we talked for a short while. I believe that God is doing something in that man’s life.”

Branch leader Bob Mendelsohn reports from Sydney, “Sixty-five people attended our 4-hour Jewish evangelism seminar this past spring. Afterwards, 15 people stuck around to help with a 3000-piece mailing! It’s amazing what we can accomplish when the Body works together. The group of 65 included a Jewish man named Paul who came to find out why ‘Christians have been so persistent in evangelizing’ him. He said he now understands their concern for his soul, and it doesn’t bother him. We have been keeping in touch since then. Please pray for Paul’s salvation.”