After all my parents have done for me, how could I allow myself to believe something that would hurt them so much? They would be devastated if I believed in Jesus.”

One of the Ten Commandments is to honor your father and your mother and, throughout the Bible, we find that a certain respect and obligation is due to one’s parents. Nevertheless, we cannot allow ourselves to close our minds to what might be truth as a way of fulfilling that respect, that obligation. It is right to try to please our parents by acting responsibly and lovingly. At the same time, each person is responsible before God to do what is right, whether or not it lines up with certain things we have been taught. If Jesus is true, it is right and responsible to believe and follow Him, even if our doing so offends those we love very much.

God is the ultimate Parent and God has been the ultimate Provider—to avoid or neglect Him and what He wants in favor of pleasing our earthly parents is clearly wrong. It is God who commanded us to honor our parents, and if He is calling on you to believe in Yeshua, He will certainly see to it that the right thing is done. Besides, who knows but you may be the very instrument He wants to use to bring your father, mother and others in your family into a loving, saved relationship with Him.


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