As you pray for our 1999 Summer Witnessing Campaigns, we thought you might enjoy seeing proof of the power of prayer from last year’s Campaigns …

Re: our weakness and God’s strength

From Donetsk in Ukraine Valeriy B. had reported The most blessed days in my life have been those spent on the Campaign. Every day was a good lesson to me. I encountered many difficulties and quickly found I could not cope with them in my own strength. Yet the Lord gave me strength and victories and poured out all kinds of blessings on me when I trusted Him. I’d like to share the joy I experienced one day as I led a Jewish woman named Valentina in a prayer of repentance. After she had prayed, her eyes filled with tears, her heart was overflowing with exuberant joy and she was moved by the Holy Spirit to praise the God of Israel. In the twinkling of an eye, she had become a different person—a child of the living God. Praise the Lord for His wonderful works! I see this Campaign as a beginning for me to serve the Lord in a new way, and I don’t want to stop when the Campaign ends!”

Ed: Valeriy Bolotov is not a staff member with Jews for Jesus, but he is one of our Co-Laborers in Messiah (a.k.a. CLIMs, Co-Laborers are a special corps of people who volunteer a minimum of ten hours a month with Jews for Jesus). He, and another CLIM from the Donetsk Region, have continued to hand out broadsides and visit with Jewish people who are interested in hearing more about Jesus.

Re: answered prayer to combat discouragement

Kate A. had reported, “I was feeling a bit depressed about a particularly bad day on Campaign. I hadn’t given out many tracts and I was spit on three times. The following day I told God that I was discouraged and that I needed His peace. I asked Him to send someone to lift my spirits. As the Lord led me, I walked up to a man and began talking to him. In the end, he prayed to receive Jesus! Within an hour-and-a-half, I prayed with two more people who also received Jesus! Plus in that amount of time, 12 people gave me their names and addresses to receive more information, including three Jewish people. Praise God!”

Ed: Kate has since become an outreach worker with our Israel branch!

Re: God touching those we least expect

From Garrett Smith, “I was at the Rockefeller Center Subway Station. A fully-garbed middle aged Hassidic* Jew approached me and took a tract. He looked sincere, so I asked him who he thought Jesus is. He said, ‘I believe a little.’ I was shocked! I clarified, ‘Do you believe He is the Messiah?’ ‘Maybe,’ he replied. I asked if I could send him some information. He said he couldn’t receive anything in the mail. But when I offered to give him a New Testament, his eyes lit up. He took it and some other literature I had, put it in his coat and hurried off. I wonder, what did God do to get his attention?” *An ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect; Hassidic Jews are very observant and live in tightly knit communities.

Re: we just need to keep praying

From Aaron Abramson, “I met an Israeli Jewish woman on the street near Macy’s. She was interested in the Messiah Jesus and wanted more information. Another woman started yelling curses at me and spit on us. The first woman was intimidated and took off. I followed to tell her that she shouldn’t be dissuaded by anyone if she thinks that Jesus is the Truth. She agreed and gave me her name, address and phone number. The next evening, she called our office and prayed to receive the Lord!”

Ed: We need to continue in prayer for this woman who we’ll refer to as “Debra.” She continued meeting with us for discipleship and fellowship for a while but recently dropped out of sight. The last we heard, she had a new job, a new place to live and a new live-in relationship (they are not married). At this point, we don’t have a phone number or address to reach Debra, so pray that God’s love will draw her back, not to us but to Himself. This is one of the heartbreaks of ministry, but we know the story is not over yet.

Re: Campaign fruit a year later!

Kate Fryer reports from Paris, “A Jewish woman named Sabrina C. took one of our tracts during the 1998 Campaign. She then contacted us over the Internet explaining that she felt guilty because she thought that she might believe in Jesus. We have been praying for her quite regularly and reaching out to her over the past year. She has recently professed faith in Jesus! Her boyfriend, Giles (who is not Jewish), is now very close to accepting Jesus as well.”


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