From Paris, Kate Fryer reports, Office worker Michelle and I arrived at the office to find the shop front had been completely smashed to pieces and the Juifs pour JTsus (Jews for Jesus) sign was missing. Neighbours had seen a gang of youths on motorbikes carrying out the vandalism. We were a bit shaken up but getting on with the day’s work when the gang came back on motorbikes with music blaring loudly. They began shouting and spitting on Michelle. We shut the office door and they started to smash it down. We prayed and managed to call the police! Praise God, because following the incident, the events were reported in several of France’s leading newspapers. Our branch leader, Stephen Pacht, was even interviewed on the Jewish radio station ‘Radio Shalom’ for the first time! As a result of the attack, thousands of people have had the opportunity to read and hear that there are Jewish people who believe in Jesus!”

From Fort Lauderdale, Greg Savitt reports, “God gave me the joy of helping someone else see a family member come to faith in Jesus. An 86-year-old Jewish woman named Rose prayed with me to begin a new life in Jesus with her daughter, Linda, present. Linda had been planting seeds faithfully for seven years. Our branch leader, Sharon Freeman visited Rose a couple of times to discuss messianic prophecies, then suggested that I visit her. I think Sharon knew that it would be an opportunity for me to harvest where others had sown and watered the gospel seed, and it was a great opportunity to do just that!”

From Johannesburg, Jenifer Leigh reports, “What a joy to see Miriam and her son, David, grow in their faith! Miriam prayed with me to receive Yeshua last November and quickly became involved in a local church. David came to faith through the church and I have watched his knowledge and understanding grow too! Eleven-year-old David is reading through Genesis and is very bright. As we talked about the messianic prophecies he said, ‘So if my mom and I hadn’t come to know Jesus we would have been separated from God forever! So now instead, death will be like a ticket to heaven?’ Please continue to pray for Miriam and David as they grow in their new-found faith.”

From New York, Karol Joseph reports, “A Christian named Bernard called our office wanting to know how to witness to his Jewish girlfriend, Lynn. Our office worker Maren invited him to bring Lynn to our Friday night service. I was out of town when they came, but one of our trainees talked to them and suggested that they return the following week so that he could introduce Lynn to me. They did, and I spent time with Lynn after the service. The following week, we spoke on the phone several times—during one of those conversations, she prayed to receive Yeshua! Praise God!”

From San Francisco, Robyn Wilk reports, “My Saturday morning sortie (tract passing expedition) got rained out, so I went to McDonald’s to warm up with a cup of coffee. Evelyn and Sam, an elderly Jewish couple, took note of my T-shirt. Evelyn asked what my mother thought about me believing in Jesus. I told her that though my mom doesn’t agree with me about Jesus, she has seen Him work in my life and has witnessed His power. I told her how my mother had gone to church with me and asked for prayer in Jesus’ name that our relative, Susie, would be healed of cancer. When I told Evelyn that Susie no longer had cancer, Evelyn confided that she herself has cancer. Please pray for Evelyn’s healing and for Evelyn and Sam’s salvation.”

From Kiev, Leonid Kruter reports, “A faithful Christian brother named Mikhail invited me to the town of Nezhin, which is not far from Kiev. A canteen there provides free lunches to needy Jewish people. Mikhail arranged for us to come and speak to those who might want to hear a Bible study. After lunch, ten people remained for the Bible study and four Jewish women came to faith in Yeshua. Please pray for our continued ministry to these women and also for our work in this town.”