From Dawn Bell on The Liberated Wailing Wall: We had the privilege of sortying (handing out tracts) at New Orleans during Mardi Gras. My team -mate Larry parked me and my tract bag on a trashed and bottled corner of Bourbon street. I assured him I would be OK and he left for the next corner. As the street livened up, from time to time some touristy-types would come and stand on my corner, pointing at the store-front window behind me. Finally one man took my broadside (gospel tract) and directed my attention to the spot everyone had been pointing out. He asked, ‘Did you know that you are live on the Internet around the world?’ There in the corner of the window was a camera eyeball. I realized that for two hours, people tuning in to see the Mardi Gras scene on Bourbon Street had been confronted with my bright yellow Jews for Jesus jacket, and my interactions with the crowd of revelers!”