Lost… and Found in Cyberspace

The Jews for Jesus web site (also known as home page) has multiplied our evangelistic opportunities so much that it is no wonder the devil is trying to nullify its effect. For example:

Nineteen-year-old Saul found one of our missionaries, Bob Mendelsohn, in a Jews for Jesus chatroom and sent an instant message” to tell him, “I’ve been reading the Jews for Jesus web site for 2 days and I think I believe Jesus might actually be Messiah.” Bob engaged Saul in “conversa-tion” (relaying instant messages back and forth). After making sure that Saul understood the plan of salvation, Bob invited him to pray, asking God for forgiveness through Jesus, and asking that Jesus become Lord of his life. Saul replied, “Yes, I was waiting for the prayer.” Bob quickly typed out a sinner’s prayer, and Saul wrote back to say, “Just prayed it. Thanx dude. But I can still be Jewish right? Isn’t that what you guys are all about?” Bob reassured Saul that, yes, he was still Jewish, to which Saul replied, “Kewl!” (That’s how some Gen-X’ers say “cool!”)

A Jewish woman named Heather attended a Christian event with a friend. An invitation was given, and Heather wanted to go forward but had some doubts about doing so because she’s Jewish. Her Christian friend suggested that she get in touch with Jews for Jesus.

Heather found our web site, did some exploring and contacted the Southern California office (we list all our branches on the web site). Since Heather lives in Orange County, our missionary Rob Wertheim received the contact. The next day, he and Heather met during her lunch break—and Heather committed her life to Yeshua!

A Jewish university student named David was curious about Jesus so he was excited to find the Jews for Jesus home page. He read the testimonies of Jewish believers we have posted, then asked God to show him if Jesus was real. A week later God did!

There are so many lost souls floating around cyberspace, using the Internet to gain information about crucial spiritual matters. When Jewish seekers come looking for Jews for Jesus, we want to be sure that they find Jews for Jesus…not impostors who have appointed themselves as roadblocks to prevent Jewish people from considering Yeshua ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah).

Please pray for our ongoing battle over the Jews for Jesus name on the Internet, so that many more who are lost will be found.


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