From Los Angeles, missionary Holly Meyer reports, When my husband gave me a gift certificate for a facial, I had no idea that God was planning a divine appointment. While I was getting a clean face, the woman giving me the facial got a clean heart, as she responded to the gospel message I presented. Lana is originally from Moscow. She is not Jewish, but her husband is. We hope and pray that he will be open to the gospel as well.”

From Chicago, missionary Lyn Bond reports, “Laure is a Jewish woman whom I helped lead to faith. I was discouraged when she seemed to lose interest in her commitment to fellowship and to meeting for discipleship and Bible study. We have kept her in prayer though, and recently she seems to have ‘caught on fire’ with the Lord. She is faithful in attending a local congregation, in meeting with me for discipleship, and her husband (who is not Jewish) has committed his life to Christ. Praise God for His timing and direction in our contacts’ lives!”

Branch leader Jonathan Bernd reports, “It was a great week in London. While handing out tracts in north London we were excited to meet a Jewish man named David who seems truly open to the gospel. That same week, three more Jewish people who also are interested in Jesus came into our book shop! Please pray for Jorge, Ron and Yvette. Finally, I was encouraged to find that one Jewish woman I’ve been witnessing to plays bridge with my great aunt, Annele. When Rosette told my great aunt that she knew me, Annele replied ‘Ah, the one with the Messiah!’ At least something has gotten through. Please pray for my great aunt. She has just turned 97 and has not shown any openness up to now.”

From New York City, branch leader Bob Mendelsohn reports, “Ted is a 50-year-old Jewish man who runs an auto shop in a suburb of New York. A couple of Christian women who had used his shop felt he was open and referred him to me.

“I called Ted and followed up our conversation with a letter and some literature. After a few days I called again; he had already read most of the materials I’d sent and was willing to meet with me in person. His auto body shop was the perfect setting to tell how God can repair lives wrecked by sin. Ted understood the analogy of how some people who drive around in broken, dented cars know where to go to get the car fixed and have even collected money from insurance companies for repairs, but never get around to coming into the shop. I said, ‘Even if you know and love a person who drives past you with damaged vehicles, you won’t repair that vehicle unless the person comes into your shop. Isn’t that true?’ Ted knows that God is ready to work on his life, so please pray for him.”

From Odessa, outreach worker Sergey Kulakov reports, “We visited a Jewish man, Emil, whose Gentile wife was more interested in the gospel than he was. At first, Nadezda’s interest was of rather a negative nature. She works in a Jewish kindergarten, appreciates Jewish culture and seemed inclined to share in Jewish religious convictions as well. We later discoverd that she occasionally reads the New Testament. As we read from the Jewish Bible how sin alienates us from God and how he promised a messiah to atone for our sin, her attitude softened. There were tears in her eyes as she asked, ‘If Jesus is the Messiah, then why don’t most Jewish people receive Him?’ We pointed out from Scripture how the Messiah would be rejected. As we were about to leave she asked us what she needed to do. Through barely repressed sobs, Nadezda prayed to repent and begin a new life in Jesus.”

Also from Odessa, outreach worker Vlad Rekhovsky reports, “The last time I was in Donetsk, my grandma repented with me. When I came home to Odessa I realised that I had not made use of the time to speak seriously with my mother about salvation. I asked the Lord to give me one more opportunity to see her again and was thrilled when I had the opportunity to return to Donetsk with our musical team. At first there were some obstacles in our conversation, but the Lord helped me, and my mother came to faith in Jesus. Praise the Lord! Also, spiritual growth is evident in my grandma. I saw her desire for fellowship with the Lord and other believers. She was always ready to pray. Now I ask you to pray both for my grandma and my mother, for their spiritual growth and strengthening in faith. My grandma is Sonia Illinichna; my mom is Vera Konstantinovna.”