Last February, Rob Wertheim (who leads our Orange County outpost) went shopping with his wife Sandy on Valentine’s day. While at Mervyn’s they met a Jewish salesperson named Ruben who seemed open to the gospel. He was willing to meet and study the Bible with Rob and even attended a Christ in the Passover presentation Rob was giving at a church in his area. In fact, Ruben also brought along his uncle Ivan.

When it came time to take the offering, Rob mentioned, as usual, that anyone who is not yet a believer in Jesus should not give in the offering. Rob then took his seat and noticed that Ruben put something in the plate anyway. Rob told Ruben that he shouldn’t have given, but Ruben replied, I might surprise you by the end of the service.” Sure enough, as Rob concluded the service with an evangelistic invitation, Ruben raised his hand and indicated his faith in Jesus as his sin-bearer and Lord! Please pray for Ruben to grow strong in the Lord and for his Uncle Ivan and other family members to come to faith also.

In Washington, D.C., outreach worker Victoria Lannon was calling people to set up evangelistic visits and was frustrated that she could not schedule her Tuesday afternoon. She says, “Some of my most regular contacts who are usually available then could not meet. I was trying to figure out why when I heard that still small voice, îDon’t schedule this time; I will.’ I must admit, I didn’t have much faith, but I left the time unscheduled. On Monday night, when I arrived at the home of a Jewish woman named Allona, her son’s piano teacher was there. The teacher turned out to be a Russian Jew named Zoya, who said she had been searching for God for the past five years. When I offered to meet with her, I was not surprised to find the only time she had available that week was the following afternoonïthe one that I had left open. We met and, after we read a few Scriptures together, she gave her life to Jesus. Please pray for Zoya.”

From The Liberated Wailing Wall, Susan Curland reports, “When in West Palm Beach, I visited my grandfather who snowbirds there (i.e. îmigrates’ to a warm climate for the winter). I’ve witnessed to my grandfather before, but Garrett (LWW team leader) came to help me present the gospel, perhaps in a different way than he’d heard before. God answers prayer and Garrett did get to speak to my grandfather about Yeshua (Jesus) for about twenty minutes. When we left, my grandfather accepted a Questions & Answers booklet (designed to help remove roadblocks to faith in Jesus) and said he would read it. He also allowed me to pray with him. Please pray for his salvation.”

Carlos Morgenfeld, chief of station in Buenos Aires, reports, “During David Brickner’s visit to Argentina, he preached from Romans 11 and emphasized: îlife from the dead.’ Shortly after David left, we started having problems with our van. We were stranded on the road more than once. Finally, we realized the problem: the battery had died.

“Well, because of the battery’s îdeath,’ we were able to witness to several people who saw the van and stopped to talk to us while we were waiting for help. Now we have a new battery, but perhaps the old one will end up bringing îlife from the dead!'”

Missionary Lev Leigh reports from Johannesburg, “We inherited an old Post Office box in Jeppestown from the former Hope of Israel ministry. Jeppestown used to be a Jewish area back in the 1920’s, but the neighborhood has long since shifted and there are very few Jews left. Every couple of months we schlepp over there to îempty’ the mail box; sometimes we even find mail. But this last time, I found something else.

“As I was checking our mail box, a man stood next to me, checking his. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that all of his letters were from Israel! In my fragmented Hebrew, I boldly introduced myself as a Jew for Jesus. I told him that it was Hashgochah Pratit (divine providence) that two Jews should meet like this in the middle of Jeppestown, and I asked him for his name and phone number. I have since been in touch with Claude-David, who is a Moroccan/French Hebrew-speaking Israeli living in South Africa. I have also called his business and spoken to his brother Alon. Alon’s wife is a Christian who has heard us speak at her church and gets our newsletter! Please pray for a continued ministry to these Israeli brothers.”