July 1997 Newsletter (5757:11)

On Your Mark, Get Set, PRAY: God Delights to Hear From You
July 1, 1997

I awoke early and went to the guest room/office in my basement, figuring there would be fewer interruptions than at the office. I was making great headway with the work I’d brought home when my eight-year-old son Isaac awoke. As soon as he realized my van was still at home, he came running downstairs. He…

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The Bible Nobody Wanted

I was walking down the street in Brooklyn somewhat discouraged. I had just come from visiting a Russian Jewish couple who had returned a Bible that I had loaned them. They said that they were no longer interested in reading the Bible or considering that Jesus might be the Messiah. As I walked along, I…

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On Line Evangelism 101

Last month Moishe wrote about witnessing opportunities via e-mail and the World Wide Web. We thought you would like to hear about two Jewish people who recently came to faith…with a little help from our online missionaries. Bob Mendelsohn (chief of station in New York) was juggling several administrative details at the office and decided…

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A Guide to Preparing Bible Studies

If you have been witnessing to a Jewish person who has shown an interest in Jesus or in spiritual matters at all, invite him or her to study the Scriptures with you. Your Jewish friend may resist starting out in the New Testament, and messianic prophecy could be confusing for anyone who doesn’t have a…

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Right Place, Right Time
Author: Karol Joseph

Having Jews for Jesus speak at your church provides a great opportunity to invite your Jewish friends to come and hear the gospel in a Jewish way. I get excited and encouraged when I see God use our presentations to touch Jewish hearts. Recently I had a joyous experience after speaking about Christ in the…

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Bits from the Branches

Last February, Rob Wertheim (who leads our Orange County outpost) went shopping with his wife Sandy on Valentine’s day. While at Mervyn’s they met a Jewish salesperson named Ruben who seemed open to the gospel. He was willing to meet and study the Bible with Rob and even attended a Christ in the Passover presentation…

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