July 1996 Newsletter (5756:11)

Meet Our New Executive Director
July 1, 1996
Author: Moishe Rosen

It is with joy, a bit of apprehension, but mostly delight that I introduce David Brickner as the new Executive Director of Jews for Jesus! My joy is for him personally because I believe he will have much joy in leading this ministry. The apprehension I feel is because...

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A Word From Our New Executive Director

Phew! I’m a bit out of breath. The whirl and swirl of activity in Jews for Jesus can be, well, breathtaking! It has been a privilege for me to serve with this mission since 1977. I am happy to be a part of the new things that God is doing with Jews for Jesus. I...

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It Really Happened: There Are No Atheists in…

In Buenos Aires, our missionary Carlos Morgenfeld was talking to a Jewish man, also named Carlos, about Jesus. A TV playwright and musician, the second Carlos is a self-proclaimed atheist and empiricist. He has also been unemployed for a while. When...

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Were You With Us in the Upper Room?
Author: Ruth Rosen

If you were praying as we met to vote on the new Executive Director, you were with us in the Upper Room,” literally and figuratively! We assembled in the attic of our Shalom Hospitality House, a Victorian located a block away from our San Francisco headquarters....

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The Missing Piece

He had been married for over 53 years; they had no children, just each other. She had died a few months before and loneliness was destroying him. For distraction he would turn on the local Christian television station. Over time the gospel message seemed to make sense...

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I’m embarrassed to have to correct an error in the June Newsletter. We reported on a Jewish woman who came to faith through attending a comparative religions class at a local synagogue. While it is true that she came as an unbeliever and left a few weeks later...

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From Our Israel Correspondent: The Next Generation

For them it’s seven days of chasing, climbing and crawling—not minding the scraped knees, bruised arms and bumped heads. For me it’s rousting sleepy kids early in the morning and trying to keep up with them until it’s time to corral them into bed in...

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