Campaign and a Russian Immigrant’s Search for Truth

One exciting aspect of last summer’s witnessing campaign was the overwhelming response from recent Russian Jewish immigrants to the United States. After years of being told what not to believe, now they want to find out who Jesus is and if He is the way they can know God.

Helena was one Russian Jewish immigrant who gave her name and address to one of our campaigners. She indicated that she, too, was a believer in Jesus and wanted to know more about our group.

As campaign follow-up began, I contacted Helena and set up an initial visit. It was a time to find out what Helena’s spiritual needs were and gauge how we might help her.

As we sat in the Jews for Jesus office, I heard the colorful story of Helena’s search for truth about God. When Helena began to be rebellious, her mother, originally from Peru, had taken her to some sort of mountain monastery. There Helena had had a mystical experience, but not an encounter with Jesus. She believed in a Jesus she had created in her imagination. He was a Jesus she had discovered from modern books that embellished and twisted the gospel and made Him less than the one and only Savior of the world. Our time together was short, but Helena agreed to meet with me again to study the biblical perspective on Jesus.

The next time we met, I took Helena through the first chapter of John, and she began to understand the exclusivity of Jesus’ claims. Then we read numerous other passages about humanity’s desperate need of a Savior, specifically Jesus, the redeemer God Himself has provided.

I saw Helena struggling with that concept. The Scriptures pointed to such a narrow way! Yet Helena strongly sensed her own sin and knew that she had not yet found a way to rid herself of that guilt. Within a few minutes, she prayed to accept the forgiveness guaranteed only through the atonement of Jesus our Messiah!

Helena had started her search for truth years earlier. The road led her all the way to Manhattan. Now, at last, she can rejoice that she has been found by the God of her forefathers. Pray that Helena will grow strong in her new faith and be a bold witness to her parents—and that this year’s witnessing campaign will

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