Evangelism: A Jewish woman and her Gentile boyfriend dropped in “spur-of-the-moment” to a church where missionary Alan Bond was speaking. They had merely intended to turn around in the church parking lot to avoid a traffic jam. When they saw the Jews for Jesus decal on Alan’s parked van, they were curious and came in to hear what he had to say.

Los Angeles

In 1976, David, a Jewish man, received one of our broadsides at a Bob Dylan concert in San Francisco. David, married to a Gentile Christian, now lives in San Pedro, California. After so many years, he recently called our Los Angeles office because he is “seeking direction.”

New York

Missionaries-in-training Mitch Forman and Jenifer Hall discovered a new broadsiding opportunity! At 10:00 P.M. on Income Tax Day, thousands of people were waiting in line at the post office to file last-minute tax returns. Mitch and Jenifer distributed many tracts and talked to some of the people.


Missionary Avi Snyder reported amazingly open responses to an evangelistic ad and book offer he placed in some of the Russian newspapers:

“When I read your article in such a popular newspaper, I was stirred up. I never thought . . . of myself believing in Y’shua or even that I must believe in Him. . . . I want to tell my daughter about it, too. Please send us the book.”

“I never heard about Jesus Christ. I’m Jewish, but I know nothing about the faith of my forefathers. My parents died and told me nothing. Please help.”

“I’m very surprised . . . why don’t we Jews believe in Jesus? Even the rabbis don’t believe. . . . But as I read the Old Testament, it seems to be filled with passages talking about the Messiah. Please send your book.”

“Surely I liked a lot the article for Pesach [Passover]. I’d like to receive the book, too.”

Johannesburg, South Africa

A Christian friend telephoned missionary Laura Barron for help in witnessing to her Jewish neighbor, Tania. After three visits with Laura, Tania announced, “I believe Jesus is the Messiah, and I’m not confused anymore.” Then she prayed with Laura to commit her life to Y’shua. Tania will be attending church with her Christian neighbor.

Washington, D.C.

The D.C. branch held a mini-witnessing campaign during Cherry Blossom time. In a week of broadsiding, they handed out 48,200 tracts and received 133 contacts. Branch leader Bob Mendelsohn said, “Each of us found instances when we were sure we should hand broadsides to certain people who kept out of range. Yet when we prayed, they would return and receive a tract and, more often than not, enter into a conversation just as we had hoped.”

Toronto, Canada

Arthur, a Russian Jewish man, moved to Toronto from Israel with his wife and four-year-old daughter. He began reading the Bible because someone told him that was the right thing to do. Arthur believes that Jesus “might be the Son of God.” The whole family has begun to study the Bible.

Yonatani committed his life to Jesus. Missionary Karol Joseph had met him in jail after a minister called our Toronto Jews for Jesus office. Yo natani continued to read the material Karol sent and went through a copy of the New Testament in record time. When Karol asked what he thought of it, he said, “I think it’s true.” After a few more questions about the New Covenant as the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy, Yonatani prayed a prayer of faith and repentance.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Branch leader Guillermo Katz has had phone visits with Inés, a Jewish woman who told him she could not meet with him in person because she was so busy. As she put it, “With my numerous activities, it would be a miracle if you could find me.” Early the next morning, as Guillermo was distributing tracts, guess who stepped out of a bus? A very surprised Inés! Could God be trying to tell her something?

Missionary Carlos Morgenfeld spoke at a church where the doors and windows were missing. Just before his message, they had a planned electricity cut (the Argentine solution to their energy crunch). But, no problem! They just drove a car to the entrance of the church, turned on the headlights and pointed them directly at the pulpit. Since there was no front door, they made a perfect spotlight. Just before the offering, the lights came back on. No one had fallen asleep during the message, and Carlos had acquired two more listeners. Two dogs had wandered in and were sitting quietly among the audience listening (Carlos said) to every word.