Besieged by unbelief,
Thru’ ages wracked with pain
Zion stands.
Above all cities, she,
Who now is brought so low
In absence of her liege—
The One who came and said,
“Jerusalem, be mine.”
She heard Him not,
So yet awaits her groom
To bring the dowry of her peace.
She knows Him not,
Though He has paid
And ever bids her come.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,
For her Prince of Peace to return
That He may come and claim her
With the love that she once spurned
For then and only then shall peace be brought to all,
And swords be turned to plows and right rule over wrong,
When at the wedding feast both guests and bride proclaim,
“Blessed is He who comes”—in that holiest of names—
Yeshua, the name of the Lord