Double Opportunities for Ministry

Sometimes, because we keep a high profile, people see us or our literature everywhere and think that we Jews for Jesus move around a lot. Actually, only our mobile musical evangelistic team, the Liberated Wailing Wall, is truly on the road” all the time. We’re always ready to go anywhere when an opportunity to present the gospel arises, but usually our missionaries are stationed in one place throughout the year. Two exceptions are our special street Summer Witnessing Campaigns and the Passover/Easter season when we usually enjoy the double blessings of evangelism and ministry to the church.

Besides our most important objective to bring the gospel to our Jewish people, another of our Jews for Jesus goals is to help the church understand and appreciate its Jewish roots. One way we do this is through presentations in churches, one of our most popular programs being Christ in the Passover. During the Passover/Easter season many of our missionaries travel away from “home base” to bring this presentation to churches that are far from our local branch areas. Yet because our first calling is evangelism, we also see these trips as opportunities to bring the gospel to Jewish people who might not otherwise have a chance to hear it.

Before I set out on my Christ in the Passover tour last spring I wrote to Jewish people who lived in the areas where I would be traveling. I let them know about the Christ in the Passover programs and encouraged them to attend, or at least contact me. I prayed that my letter-writing project would bear fruit, that the Lord would move in the hearts of some who might be considering Yeshua. My prayers were answered!

After my presentation at a church one evening, a Jewish woman introduced herself to me. Karen (not her real name) had traveled for more than an hour to come and hear why we believe that Jesus is the Passover Lamb. At first I didn’t realize that this woman was not yet a believer. Though she indicated that she had come to the meeting as a result of my invitation, it wasn’t enough to clue me in, because I had also invited some believers to come and hear me. Karen had been asking about the various books on our literature table. When she asked which book I thought would be good for her to read to help her understand, I realized that she was either a relatively new believer or perhaps had not yet come to faith.

I asked Karen who she thought Jesus was. She said she thought He might be the Messiah. Then she admitted that something was blocking her from fully accepting that. Because I was only going to be in the area for a short time, I asked Karen if she could meet me the next day. “Coincidentally” she had a day off from work, and we were able to arrange an appointment.

The next afternoon Karen and I looked through the Scriptures together, and she opened up about the “block” that was keeping her from trusting Yeshua. I had asked the Lord to help me minister to Karen and to help me show her from the Word what she needed to hear and understand. At the end of our meeting Karen was ready to talk to God and tell Him that she believed Jesus was her Messiah and Lord. We prayed together, and she asked God to help her live for Him. I have stayed in touch with Karen and I also have put her in touch with believers I know in her area.

Sometimes “moving around” affords double opportunities to minister to both believers and unbelievers. I am thankful that God allows me the privilege of touching people’s lives for Him, and I am waiting expectantly for the next chance He gives me.


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