Have you ever felt like giving up? Have you ever thought a Jewish friend who seemed so closed to the gospel of Jesus would never accept the Lord? A Christian woman named Marie had been babysitting for a Jewish couple. Over a period of two years she had built a friendship and prayed about witnessing to them. Then God brought a Jewish believer her way to give her some advice. After much prayer and many questions, Marie felt ready to try. She invited Holly and her husband to watch a video that portrayed Christianity in relation to the Passover. Holly had never realized that Marie was one of those born-again” types, and she became increasingly uncomfortable as the video was running. Her response was, “Thanks, but we’re not interested.”

Whereas some Christians would have given up after such a seemingly unsuccessful witnessing venture, Marie was encouraged. They had come to see the video. Perhaps they would be interested in reading a book. She waited a few days and then gave Holly Moishe Rosen’s book Yeshua about messianic prophecy. A couple of months passed as the book lay around and gathered dust. Without opening it, Holly returned it to Marie and reaffirmed her lack of interest.

At that point many would have given up, but not Marie. She had prayed about witnessing to Jewish people, and had received and followed advice from Jewish believers. She really had faith to see Holly come to Yeshua. Marie took back the Yeshua book saying, “Oh, I can understand why you wouldn’t have time to read this book, but I know you can read this other one because it is made up of short stories. You can pick it up and read a little and then put it down for later.” With that, she handed Holly the book Jesus for Jews, a collection of testimonies of Jewish believers by Ruth Rosen.

Though not intending to read it, Holly took the book. But she decided to read just a few pages so she could say she had read some of it before returning it to her faithful friend.

As Holly read, she began to notice some things. The people in the book were Jewish. They had asked the same questions about God that she had thought unanswerable. They had found new life in Jesus, and they were still Jewish! With each story Holly read she became more curious about Jesus and about becoming a messianic Jew. She was somewhat fearful, but coincidences were happening in her life that had never happened before. The thought of God directing her life as he had in the Jesus for Jews book and in Marie’s life became more and more appealing.

Upon completing the book, Holly called our Washington D.C. office seeking more information and the address of a service she might attend. We set up a time to get together and talk about her conclusions concerning Yeshua. Meanwhile, Marie kept praying.

The following week Holly and I met and talked about making a commitment to the Lord. We ironed out a few issues, and she knew she was ready. That day Holly prayed with me to commit her life to Yeshua and be born again, and she has grown rapidly in her new faith.

I am thankful for the faithful story of Christians who reach out to their Jewish friends, pray for them and take risks as they share the gospel with them. I am also thankful for those Jewish believers who told their stories in the Jesus for Jews book that other seekers might find new life in Yeshua.


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