July 1991 Newsletter (5751:9)

Broadsides & Campaigns
June 1, 1991
Author: Moishe Rosen

Broadsides | Serve Once again we are preparing for our Summer Witnessing Campaign, and once again the main arena is New York City. Millions live and work in the Big Apple, and we hope to influence many of them for Jesus. This summer about two dozen campaigners and a dozen campaign stewards will hand deliver…

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From New Age to New Birth
Topics: new age
Author: Laura Barron

I’m glad I answered the phone that day! A Christian was calling the Jews for Jesus South Africa office to give one of our missionaries the name of her Jewish friend. This Christian woman had lent a Jesus for Jews book to Susan, who was spiritually hungry. Susan wanted to meet someone who was Jewish…

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Keep on Keeping On
Author: Lisa Opton

Have you ever felt like giving up? Have you ever thought a Jewish friend who seemed so closed to the gospel of Jesus would never accept the Lord? A Christian woman named Marie had been babysitting for a Jewish couple. Over a period of two years she had built a friendship and prayed about witnessing…

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: I have a Jewish friend who is searching for spiritual truth, but when I witnessed to her she said that she would not consider Christianity because it teaches that all of her dead relatives who never believed in Jesus are in hell. How do I talk to her? ANSWER: You believe your friend when…

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A Very Special “CHRIST IN THE PASSOVER” Presentation

I had been preparing to conduct a special “Christ in the Passover” presentation at Peninsula Bible Church, my home church. Having presided over the previous year’s Maundy Thursday service, this time I wanted to do something different. I decided to add more of a musical emphasis by using the local training team for the Liberated…

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Giving that others might believe

A true story with amplification for understanding stewardship. I’m just a kid. I live near the Sea of Galilee. Sometimes they call it the Sea of Tiberias. Grownups are always telling me what to do when I’d rather be out playing. But one day I did what they asked, and something neat happened. I was…

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Life In The Big City

One of the hazards” of Jewish evangelism is that our missionaries must live and work in the big cities. That is where the most concentrated areas of Jewish people are. But city life poses its own particular problems. Out in the country a person might get run over by a farm tractor or be gored…

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