July 1990 Newsletter (5750:9)

We’re Glad You Asked…
July 1, 1990

QUESTION: In a recent Newsletter article, My Graveside Religion , your missionary Guillermo Katz said that his family did not belong to the synagogue because it was too expensive. Coming from a Protestant background, I don’t understand that. I always assumed that synagogue was just the Jewish counterpart of church. As church members we show…

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The Fruit of Suffering
Author: Laura Barron

At our Johannesburg Jews for Jesus Friday night fellowship we were studying the book of Job. It is not easy to accept the fact that suffering could be a gift from God, and even a blessing, but something special happened at the meeting that clearly brought this lesson home to me. I had asked a…

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The Encourager
Author: Art Weiner

Sometimes a vibrant newcomer really can lift the spirits of us veteran missionaries. That’s what happened to me last summer. Although it was my third Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign, it was the most exciting one I have experienced. The Holy Spirit was surely moving among open hearts, and more than 500 people prayed…

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Yeshua Is God’s Light For Everyone
Author: Steve B.

I was passing out broadsides in front of a park-like setting near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City when I saw a man leaning up against a railing. He looked about 55 years of age and seemed very troubled. I began speaking to him, and the first thing he said to me was, I’m…

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A Raisin to Believe
Author: David M.

Many come to the Big Apple and try to witness, but most traditional forms of outreach are barely even noticed as the masses hurry by. To be heard in New York City you really have to make some noise, or at least maintain a high profile. Such is the case with our Jews for Jesus…

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A Funny Thing Happened…
Author: Scott Rubin

Last year I was chaplain for the Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign. I had the privilege of praying with and for the campaigners (and the stewards who tirelessly cooked, washed dishes, did laundry and packed tracts into the campaigners’ bags). I held counseling sessions and preached the Word to them every day. I was…

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This Generation Shall Not Pass Away

Much has been written and said, both bad and good, about the Baby Boomer generation. This is the generation that exploded onto the scene in the 1960s, expanded in the ’70s and became expensive in the ’80s. It has shaped much of today’s world, and sheer size is not the only reason for its clout….

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Love in Action
Author: Moishe Rosen

Some say that the way to win people to the Lord is to "love them to Jesus." I don’t like being aggressive. I like behaving toward others in a way that will help them like me. I would rather love people than shove them. (Of course, no one ever shoves anyone to Jesus. That shove—or…

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