We first met Ann in Los Angeles in 1960. Over the years we befriended her and several members of her family, most of whom were Jewish believers in Yeshua, and Moishe ministered to them. Ann’s first husband Sid died, and later she remarried. Her second husband Jack, though always respectful about the faith, was himself an unashamed infidel. We saw them from time to time when we were in town. Then recently Moishe heard that Ann was keeping a death watch over Jack as he lay dying of cancer.

When Moishe called the hospital, Jack was conscious but unable to talk because he had lost the use of his voice to that disease. Moishe talked to him on the telephone through Ann, asking if he knew that his time was near. She said that he did. Then Moishe instructed her to ask him if he wanted to receive the Lord, and again he nodded his head. Over the telephone Moishe led in prayer as he would at an evangelistic meeting. Moishe asked Ann if Jack was nodding in agreement as he prayed for him—declaring himself a helpless sinner and acknowledging Christ as his only Savior through faith in his death and resurrection as payment for sin.

Jack nodded to all o that, giving the signals that he believed. Everyone hoped very much that it was real to Jack, but deathbed conversions are all too common and sometimes leave us wondering. In this case, however, we received wonderful, miraculous confirmation of God’s work in Jack’s life. Here is a beautiful letter from Ann written after Jack went home to be with his Savior.

My dear wonderful friends,

“I feel I want to say so many thanks for the call you gave me at the hospital. How your prayers were answered for Jack is too awesome to describe. I cannot even believe it myself when I relate to people what happened soon after your call.

“You asked me to question Jack, to ask him to nod his head re did he ask Jesus into his heart and was he willing to go with Jesus all the way. He looked at me with such kindness and nodded ‘Yes.’ Somehow I felt a need to talk to Jack even though he could not talk. About an hour later, I said, ‘Do you remember the song you sang as a little boy?’ In a loud voice, he sang in tune, ‘Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.’ I wish I could have taped it for you. That night before leaving the hospital we prayed around Jack’s bedside, asking God to take him in his sleep. At 7:00 a.m. the next morning the doctor called to say that he had passed away peacefully, and to know this put my mind to rest.”

(Signed) Ann


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