Question: My sister-in-law converted to Judaism in her teens because, as she put it, it felt right for me.” She went to Sunday school as a child, but not much else. She is married to a nominal Christian and does not practice any form of Judaism. How can I get her to realize her spiritual need to know Jesus as Savior?

Answer: Young people often feel a need to “find themselves” by seeking their own values rather than merely accepting what they were taught in childhood. It is possible that your sister-in-law may not have had a good grasp of what she was being taught in Sunday school and she decided to “look elsewhere for a meaningful faith.” Judaism contains some very lofty and beautiful concepts that would appeal to an idealistic teenager in search of a works-oriented faith. Sadly, besides not being the scriptural way to salvation, works-oriented religions can be quite disillusioning if or when their adherents lose their initial zeal. This is probably what happened in your sister-in-law’s case, so that she married a non-Jew and stopped practicing any form of Judaism.

As evidenced by her conversion, your sister-in-law once felt a need and concern for true faith in her life. Perhaps you could ask her about her feelings at the time of her turning to Judaism. This might reawaken that dormant desire to know and please God. From there, she might be encouraged to seek out from Scripture what the God of Israel expects or requires of her. Remember that truly witnessing to people begins with getting them to consider what God wants, instead of how they feel. Once you get your sister-in-law’s mind off of herself and onto God, you are on the way. Then you might be in a position to introduce the subject of Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah.

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