July 1987 Newsletter (5747:9)

Klintzes, Anyone?
July 1, 1987

One of our co-laborers, Marilyn Ramsdale, sent us this recipe for klintzes.” She says that these goodies are a cross between kreplach* and blintzes,* and that they made a great hit at her chapter meeting in upstate New York. If you have an international palate and like to experiment in the kitchen, you too can […]

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Author: Moishe Rosen

We just got a Macintosh computer. In fact this article is being typed on it. Learning how to use it was filled with all kinds of little surprises, including the unique use of certain words. One of those unusually used terms is icon.” In “computerese” the word does not mean a religious picture. It’s just […]

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Siddur Vs. Scripture
Author: Joshua Moss

While Jewish people regard the Torah or Five Books of Moses as the most holy portion of religious literature, the book closest to the heart of a religious Jew is his siddur, the prayer book. Except for the weekly synagogue readings, the Holy Scriptures may be unfamiliar to him, but the prescribed prayers of the […]

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Spiritual Eating Habits
Author: Avi Snyder

We have all heard it said. Maybe we have even said it ourselves. That sermon really fed me,” or, “I. certainly got fed at that Bible study.” And how does that classic hymn go? “Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more.…” Many, if not most believers, are blessed by the quick accessibility […]

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We’re Glad You Asked…

Question: My sister-in-law converted to Judaism in her teens because, as she put it, it felt right for me.” She went to Sunday school as a child, but not much else. She is married to a nominal Christian and does not practice any form of Judaism. How can I get her to realize her spiritual […]

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Jesus Keeps Me Honest

My father used to say, Locks are for honest people. If a thief wanted to break in, no matter how many locks and bolts and chains and alarms you had, he would figure out a way. But an honest person sees a lock and is reminded not to enter.” Then he would sum up his […]

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Campaign Tales

Welcome to New York City. The temperature right now is 70 degrees, and the level of humidity is high. Please remain in your seats until the aircraft has completely stopped. We hope you have a nice stay here and enjoy the celebrations of the Liberty weekend. Again, thank you for flying.…” The voice of the […]

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On Being a New Staff Worker

Working with Jews for Jesus has been more than I expected. Before I came on staff last spring, I thought missionary work just meant telling people about Jesus every day, which is what I am learning to do. What I did not anticipate was how God would use my working at Jews for Jesus to […]

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Appointment with Destiny

I’m a missionary—an ordinary person pursuing my profession. Like any other professional, I have work and reports and appointments to keep. Yet sometimes I get the impression that many think of me and my fellow missionaries as spiritual astronauts.” They assume that we do something extraordinary. I have found in the course of my work […]

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Setting the Prisoners Free
Author: Stan Meyer

As the bus I was riding climbed the hill and passed the first security checkpoint, the prison facility surrounded by two rows of high barbed wire fence loomed into view. The area between the fences was patrolled by two security guards in sharp blue uniforms, their badges gleaming in the afternoon sun. My destination was […]

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