Last year’s Summer Witnessing Campaign was an exciting time for those of us who participated in presenting the gospel through literature and drama on the streets of New York City. The Lord put a great group of people together to form his gospel army.” Our theme for Campaign ’85 was “God has given us the land” from the Book of Joshua—and he did.

It was wonderful to see the Lord drop “ripe fruit” into our hands. Many people were really searching for the truth, and were ready to be asked if they wanted to receive Yeshua as their Messiah and Savior. It was truly remarkable to see how easy it can be when the time is right.

Of course the only way to find the “right” ones is to approach some of those who are not yet ready, and that was the tougher part of campaigning. At times we encountered violent opposition, but we were able to use even those situations for God’s glory as we turned them into platforms for our message of salvation in Yeshua.

However, I remember one incident when two men came toward me and asked for my gospel literature. They reacted with interest to my T-shirt, which said “Jews for Jesus,” and asked what we were all about. When I gave them the gospel, they seemed really interested.

I asked one of them, whose name was John, if he had ever thought about receiving Jesus into his heart. He said he had thought about it, but had never done it. I explained that this would be the most important decision of his life, as it would determine the future of his soul. I was able to pray with John right then and there for him to receive Yeshua as his Savior, but what followed was even more amazing.

John turned to his friend Rob, who had been standing there listening to everything. “Rob, you need to receive Jesus too, so do it,” he urged.

Then I had the chance to pray with Rob for him also to receive Yeshua. What a blessing it was for me to see John, a brand new believer, immediately witnessing to his friend.

Another opportunity I remember was witnessing to a young street person. His name was Erik. He had nowhere to live, but was very open about the gospel and wanted to be right with God. When I explained the gospel to him, he understood and believed it. He wanted to receive Yeshua, and we prayed together.

Those are just two accounts of people the Lord touched through last summer’s Witnessing Campaign. Everyone who participated had similar experiences, and the Lord certainly “gave us the land.”


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