Coming Home

“God couldn’t have put me with a nicer guy,” I thought as I drove the last and longest stretch of a nine-week tour that had taken me from San Francisco to Florida and back. No, I wasn’t thinking about myself, but about Jesus, the traveler’s friend.

When I had set out from San Francisco , I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for such a ministry. Friends warned, “You’ll get lonely.” Others passed on the not-so-comforting theory, “If you make it through this, you can make it through anything.

My goal, however, like that of all the Jews for Jesus mobile evangelists, was to be used of God. I wanted to preach the Gospel to Jew and Gentile alike, to go “unto all the cities of Judah ,” and to mobilize other Christians to do the same.

Los Angles was my first stop. I arrived about 8:00 p.m. and around 2:00 a.m. I finished much work and prayer on a special presentation I was to give the next week. Evan Greenspan (a fellow JFJer) and I decided to go out and relax over coffee and donuts. For those of you who haven’t been to Los Angeles , a word of caution: don’t stop for donuts at 2:00 a.m. unless they’re in your own kitchen.

We had walked about a block when I realized that we were subject to a “set up.” Two young hoodlums with three knives eager for something other than a Jews for Jesus presentation, waited in our path. Having grown up on the streets of New York City , and being the brave, spiritual person that I am, I grabbed Evan and ran. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful that a locomotive ? Superman would have been proud of me.

Five minutes later, gasping for breath, we stopped running and thanked God. We thanked Him because I had run toward the light, where our “friends” wouldn’t follow, and because if I had run a split second later we would probably have been digesting stainless steel instead of raspberry donuts. God had protected us. When I was too scared to think, God thought for me and directed my impulses in the right direction. He showed me that He was with me as my provider and protector!

The rest of my tour was a little less dramatic. Everywhere I went, though, God’s presence was evident. Each time a situation would arise which looked as though it would hinder God’s message, I’d watch and wait to see how God changed the natural course of events. For instance, when I was handing out literature at Texas A&M, I hadn’t been on the campus 30 seconds when an irate Jewish student decided I “belonged someplace else.” With the help of three university officials he put me “someplace else.” Little did they know that they were being used of God. The “someplace else” turned out to be the student union, where it was supposed that no one would notice us. My companions and I distributed close to 4,000 broadsides in a little over two hours!

The above incidents are just two of hundreds, typical of God’s great hand on our lives. As the nine weeks of my tour started winding down, I became retrospective. I thought about the hundreds of beautiful Christians I’d met on the road and how utterly fantastic God’s family is. I praised Him for the tremendous way He blessed me by bringing people to Himself, to know Him and rededicate their lives to Him by planting many seeds in many hearts.

As I headed home, I realized that to some people coming home from a long trip might compare to coming home to heaven. For me, however, coming home meant something entirely different. I wasn’t really “coming home” go God, for He was vividly with me throughout the tour. Jesus’ home is in my heart, and home for me is wherever I can best serve the Lord.

So what was I looking forward to most upon my arrival in San Francisco ? Well, you know what they say about the way to a man’s heart…I longed for a good home-cooked meal, my style. True, there were great meals that beautiful Christians prepared for me on my tour. But upon my arrival in san Francisco I thanked God for a beautiful and blessed journey, and then sat down to the best dish I know how to make ? a bologna and cheese sandwich. It’s not kosher, but it mmmmmmmmmmmm good!!!


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