A Rose Is A Rose

Sometimes in my schedule I just want to hibernate and rest. But the Lord has shown me that serving Him is not a nine-to-five job, nor a five-day week. A full-time ministry is just that − FULL TIME.

Recently on a “day off” in Baltimore , I took my wife and a friend out to dinner. I had the opportunity to comment to the hostess that we eat out a lot in our travels, and that the meal had been exceptionally good.

She asked me where we came from and I told her that we were with The New Jerusalem Players of Jews for Jesus, not really knowing what kind of a response that would bring. Her response was a pleasant, “Oh, really? I’ve been thinking about Christ for a while. I’m Jewish, too, and I’ve been wanting to know more about Him.

For the next fifteen minutes, right there in the restaurant as she was shuttling people to their tables and taking money for their meals, we had a chance to talk about Jesus. Rose said that she would be interested in receiving more literature about Jesus. Please pray for Rose that the Holy Spirit will be working in her life to convince her of the claims of Jesus.


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